Prelude from the Prez-

When we posted the latest batch of testimonials I found myself worrying, due to the sheer number of these gems, that we would be perceived, perhaps, as lacking a bit in humility. What strikes me, though, when I look over the long scroll of quotes below is the generosity of spirit exhibited by our customers. Our customers are taking precious time to give back the love and joy that we feel when we are taking precious time to produce the Danny K. line of bags.

At the risk of sounding corny- there is a wonderful kind of perfection to it.

At night, at the end of a busy day, Danny will plop down on the floor of his beautiful little shop, next to a pile of freshly cut fabric, lean back on his hands and say something about how he loves working here.

So I’ve decided not to worry.


Addendum on August 23, 2014-

It’s been 2½ years since the last update of this testimonial page. Too long, I know. I copied and pasted emails received in the last 2½ years from our beloved customers into a document prior to posting them to our website. It took several hours to complete this joyful task and I was stunned to see that the document had grown to an astounding 42 pages. I’m astonished, and filled with gratitude, that what we love to make others find joy in owning. During the day-to-day hecticness that permeates a small business I sometimes forget to feel the joy. These emails help me remember. -Justin


I am writing to let you know that my daughters were very pleased with the Danny K backpacks we purchased last December. Attached is a picture of one that made a brief stop in London, is currently in Cannes, and on it's way to Paris! I hope you are prepared for an onslaught of business as the fashion world of Europe notices the growing popularity of your bags!
Thanks for the great service and the quality product.




I purchased my first Danny K handbag about 4 years ago from a shop in Vero Beach FL.
What a great bag!  It is very well made, durable and has perfect pockets and strap.  

Over the years I have received many compliments and inquiries as to where I purchased it.
You didn’t know that you had a sales rep in Daytona Beach did you?

Now with my new bag, I have been showing it off to my friends and sending them to your web site. I gave the printed brochures you sent to my hair dresser.  Talk about free advertising!

Hopefully you will be getting many orders from the Daytona Beach area.



Thank you, Justin and all!  I've been buying Danny K handbags for about five years now.  i bought the first one at Nelson's Drug and Gift in Glendora.  Hampton is the style that suits me best.  It holds my iPad mini well.  On the outside, I use the narrow flapped side for my cell phone and the opposite side for sunglasses.  The side that has the wide zipper holds my financial things:  checkbook, wallet, and credit cards.  On the side opposite that, the "open" section holds receipts, the zippered section holds iPod/iPhone cords.  I especially like that the bag's lining is a light color because everything inside is found more easily.  

One time when I was a little low on funds I bought a cheaper bag at a local store, thinking that would work.  Every time I opened it, I thought, "I miss my Danny K bag."  After a couple weeks of that, I thought, "just give up and spend the money, it's worth it to you."  

Kind regards,


I love your bags. They're the only ones I use now. I receive so many compliments... I tell everybody to check out your website.
The fabrics and the workmanship are second to none. I love that I'm purchasing an American product.
Keep up the good work!

All the best,


The purses are wonderful!  I had to order the black one to replace my original which is threadbare from use.  I now have ten of your purses with the matching accessories.  My sales pitch for the Isabella tote is,  "This is the perfect purse.  Lightweight, washable, reasonably priced, and you can fit a book and a bottle of wine in it!"  My friends love that description.  I wish you would make another in a Hawaiian print because you sold out of the last one you did before I could buy one.  Also, can you send me an e-mail when you have new styles or fabrics?  Thanks for a wonderful line!  I only carry Danny K purses!


Thank you, I'm thrilled. I loved everything about my original bag. I didn't want to stop using it, but needed something for summer. Couldn't believe my luck when I found I could get the exact bag & pick my own fabric. I'm sure I'll be ordering again. I've been singing the praises of the web site to everyone I work with. 


Got it. Love it!


Thank you for the personal service.  I feel taken care of.  I love your bags and have owned three over the years.  People always compliment me on my purse.



Just a note, I love my Danny K handbags and stopped buying the hobo bags and never saw the quality or need to own a coach bag. I will always support small business.  For those that think the Isabella is a bit too big, I tell them you have many model’s to choose from and hope they look you up on line after I give them your email address.

When asked I have shown my bag to various looky lous, the interesting thing is they always want to touch or feel the fabric first and then look inside. Just so you know, like most woman I carry around so many secrets…LOL, I show them the inside of mine as well, all the pockets and that there is enough room carry a small tablet, etc.   

When my son returned home last semester, he was looking up back packs and I asked him why, he told me Katie (his girlfriend) saw one at Macy’s and liked it and it had small flowers. When we looked at them in the store, different fabric I asked him why he would pay $40 dollars for a small back pack that I would question the quality, and length of time she would carry it before it fell apart?  

He asked me about my handbags and that is when I called and asked if Danny K made backpacks.  She loved the flowers, and thought it was very fancy, in addition, she realized the quality and difference right away.  

Handbags are like shoes, not every model fits the same way and sometimes you will buy a pair that lacks the comfort that you are accustomed too.   

Thank you and you take care,
~Roberta ~


Thank you for the prompt handling of my order, it was delivered even sooner than I had expected. I love the backpack handbag and had a hard time deciding which of the beautiful fabrics to order, not as a replacement for the Danny K backpack I've been using for years, but as an addition to my wardrobe.   I'm tempted to seek the only retail store in this part of No. Calif. that sells Danny K bags, just to check out the other styles, but the backpack will always be my favorite.

Thanks again for a great locally made product.

~Naomi~ (an extremely satisfied customer)


Dear Justin,

I've been out of town and upon returning home found your package with the 3 zipper pull attachments and the surprise gifts of coin purses to match my most recent purchases.

What a delight all were to receive.  Thank you for your devotion to your excellent product and customer relations.  I have received many compliments on the Isabella totes and have referred those that have asked to your website.  I hope it brings you business and additional satisfied customers!

Warmest regards,


My handbag arrived as promised. 
I love it! 
Thanks for this great product.




I received my handbag yesterday.  I love it.  This is the first time I've purchased a Danny K bag online. It was a good experience. My other bags were purchased at the Huntington Gardens shop. 

Thank you,


The service was great, and I love the bags. I have used them for many years due to good quality,


Great service. My bag was delivered very quickly. Thank you for your excellent service. I will be purchasing another one in the fall. I have decided it is now my twice yearly task :)


I forgot to share the following true story.  Around the first of the year of 2014, I was in Costco (wearing my backpack) and a lady stopped me and asked about the backpack.  I told her where I got it and gave her the website and we exchanged phone numbers.  A week later she texted me and asked if I could text her photos of the backpack to forward them to the person she contacted at your company.  I did and she wrote back to say she bought two for $30 and gave one backpack to her sister.  I was happy for her!  I was in a different Costco and the same thing happened (ironic, I know).  A month or two after that, I saw the first lady at the first Costco and she had her backpack and we had a good laugh and I told her about the other lady that also inquired about the backpack. 
So you see, I wouldn't give up on the idea of including backpacks as part of your collection.  I'm marking my calendar for the Anaheim and Pomona craft shows.  Have a great day!


Hi Justin,
Thank you so much.  I appreciate all the attention you have given this. At my daughter's bridal shower last week, two women asked where my purse came from and, of course, I have them the name of your website.
You obviously provide exceptional customer service. 
Thanks again,


THANK YOU for the beautiful, handbag. I love it! And so do some of my family members. I will look for your other products in our Lancaster, PA retail shops. I wanted to give my compliment on a gorgeous, well made product. Your company deserves to use tags "Made in the USA".


I'm visiting Tyler, TX from Baltimore, MD.  Purchased a sweet cross-body bag at Potpourri House in Tyler after fabulous lunch. Absolutely love it!  So happy to read there are many Maryland locations carrying your purses. Craft Concepts is one of my favorite boutiques in Lutherville, MD. I strongly support American craft, and am a member of the American Craft Council.  So happy our paths crossed. Love!


Thank you very much. My Mom's purse arrived just in time for Mother's day. She is going to 
Love her purse. This will be her 4th Danny K purse. You could tell it is her favorite purse.

Thank you very much for making my mother so happy. She will be 91 yrs this year.

Have a great weekend.


I hadn't checked my email this week because it was "one of those weeks" at work.
What a surprise to hear UPS at the door.
When I heard the knock, I said "Danny's here!"
My new bag is beautiful. It arrived so carefully packaged - just like the workmanship.
It was the perfect "Atta girl" gift for myself after a tough, but very satisfying week at work.
Danny K rocks!



I received two new purses from you. One is Monet and one Tiger Lily. They are beautiful and fun. Thank you.  I've been buying your purses for maybe 20 years.  Some were gifts.  They are always fun.  Get lots of comments on them.



I love my new bag.  Already using it.  I love your products.  I LOVE your customer service.  I love that everything is made here in America.  Thank you for the wonderful service.  I think I now have 4 of your bags.  

I wish all companies could provide the same type of service your company continues to provide.  I try to continue to send people your way.  

Thank you,


Thank you! I ordered the Frida purse, which is a little bit bigger than the zipper purse I have had for several years. i love your purses!!!! They have the most beautiful fabric and designs that I have found anywhere!
Thank you for offering such a wonderful product!


I am a big fan and am buying the Tiger Lily purse for my Mom for her 80th birthday - she doesn't want a "boring bag" because she is no "stuffy old bag" herself! She's pretty amazing. Goes to the gym 3 times a week and substitutes for the water aerobics instructor when she can't make it. She used to teach the class but gave it up last winter because she didn't want to have to venture out in snowy weather, but didn't want to let people down if she wasn't there.

She bought one of your bags last year and loved it - so she'll be surprised with a new spring one! Your goods are admired by one and all here on the.East Coast.



My handbag arrived late afternoon yesterday - I absolutely love it!!  You will definitely be hearing from me again.  Your selection is absolutely wonderful.  Thank you so much.



Dear Justin,  It has been a pleasure dealing with your company.  I have been a dedicated Vera Bradley shopper and have many of her bags.  Last Fall I went to the Grapevine Farms in Cobleskill, NY and saw the fall looking bag of yours and purchased it and love it and have received so many compliments, even from store clerks.  I decided that I needed a spring bag so I went back to Cobleskill which is about 45 min from home and they hadn't ordered any of yours for the spring and just had some left over from last fall.  I copied down the name and went on line and purchased one.  I am hoping it arrives by this Friday as I am going on a trip with some special events planned.  I have a feeling it won't get here on time for the trip but I will just carry my Fall one.
You have won over another customer with your correspondence and also from your staff.  Nice to get the special attention I have received.  Can't wait until my bag arrives. 
Thanks to both of you for your service,


Hi Justin
Thanks, I really like my new bag. We are going to Europe this coming summer and it is going with me.  :)
I really love your backpack bags for traveling and several of them have gone many places in the world with me.
I decided it was time for a new one. 
Thank you for a wonderful and long lasting product!
A loyal customer,
~Margaret ~


Hi Danny,

I just love, love my Hampton purse!  I have it in the Getty tapestry.  I’ve had it for two years and hardly used any other purse.  Before you, my favorite purse was the Fendi brown and black small satchel.  Today you, win hands down!  Oh I know, forget the whole leather versus fabric thing but yes, I guess if I was filthy rich I would have both you and Fendi.

My Hampton I love all the pockets, the size (perfect for me…not too big so that it gets heavy with my STUFF) and the adjustable strap.  Besides being a strikingly, awesome, sophisticated style of purse its so highly functional that I bought two other purses at Nordstrom’s and ended up returning them.  They just don’t work.  They look good but don’t work.  This brings me to my request.  I’m looking for a cream colored purse with no pattern or a subtle pattern and black trim for a summer look.  Do you have any future plans for a purse like this?

Is it possible to get a fabric with a different color trim than stated on your website?  Such as the Hummingbirds with black trim?

Any chance you would send me a picture of any style purse in the Vera/Blue fabric?  I’d like to see the how the Vera/Blue works overall.  That would be an awesome online feature, for your customer to view the purse in the fabric they select.  Sorry I got side tracked.  If I can’t get a cream colored purse, your Vera/Blue Hampton purse may work with all my blue, purple, orange, red, black, white summer clothes.  Many thanks.

And thank you for your gifts of creativity (an eye for the spectacular fabrics & ingenuous designs) and business savvy (affordable prices).  I am so very grateful you share it with us!

Warmest regards,


Dear Justin:

I love my Danny K Hampton style purse because it is very lightweight, attractive, affordably priced and easy to carry in a cross body fashion. 

I love good purses and have several expensive designer Dooney & Burke, Brighton and Coach purses (that cost 3-4 times more) which I find too heavy to carry every day and not nearly as easily accessible as the Danny K purse.  I was so pleased with my first Danny K purse, purchased five years ago and still in perfect condition, that I no longer carry any other handbag and the designer purses are getting ready to be sold on eBay.  Last December, I purchased two additional Hampton style purses.  I love them!!! 

The large selection of fabrics and styles suit a variety of tastes.  The fabrics are sturdy, of very high quality and look good for many years.  The Hampton style works best for me because I can carry it in a cross body fashion allowing me to carry other bags easily. When I travel, I use the long front pocket to carry a water or soda bottle which fits perfectly without making the purse bulky.  The side pocket fits my cell phone; the other one is for my keys.  The other two front pockets, I use for my lipstick and compact.  This allows me easy access to these items without even opening the purse.  The inside of the bag easily holds my wallet and other essentials and even has room for a paperback book.

Buying a Danny K purse is a good decision.  And it has nothing to do with “needing” a purse – just not being able to resist once I see the fabrics.

Keep on making this quality product.

(Happy owner of three Danny K purses) 


I received my handbag and I am so thrilled. It is so beautiful. The placement of the design was so perfect. Now that I found you I will never buy from anywhere else. Thank you so much. One very satisfied customer.


I received my lovely bag today and it is wonderful!  It is beautifully made, and I'm sure I will be using it for a long time.  I was surprised at how closely it resembled the pattern/colors from the website; you've done a great job at setting expectations!

I could not be happier, and am excited to show it off tomorrow. I will be sure to refer anyone who asks to the website.

Thanks again!


Good Morning Justin,
Wow!  That was quick!  I received my order last night and the bag and wallet are just beautiful!  I love the color and of course the purple is exactly what I wanted. 
Thank you again for everything!


Received my bag today and I love it!  Thanks so much and keep up the creativity!


Hi Justin,

I first saw Danny K. Handbags in the gift shop in Mammoth Hot Springs on our last vacation to Yellowstone.  I love them!  They are beautifully made and the fabrics are amazing!  We are going there again this summer and a new handbag is on my list!




On January 29 I ordered the Kimberly purse in the Getty/Gravity fabrics and was pleased to receive it so quickly on Friday the 31st.  What service!  I’m in love with the handbag.  Everything about it is quality – the style, the fabric, the hardware and the workmanship!  When I called with some questions about ordering, the young woman who answered the phone was so pleasant and helpful.  Honestly, I’m so impressed!

My introduction to your handbags came from visiting with a friend, Loretta, who had just purchased a Danny K backpack at the Pomona Harvest Festival Show.  She has purchased your products before.

My appreciation and thanks,



Dear Justin and everyone at Danny K Handbags,

My handbag arrived this past Friday, and I just wanted to let you know how beautiful it is. I ordered the Maggie Purse in the Villa fabric.  This is my third handbag from Danny K, and I love all of them. Your quality and service are fabulous!

Do you offer a fanny pack? I wear a fanny pack when I ride my bicycle, and unless I'm overlooking something on your website, I do not see that you make one. If you do, please let me know, and I will order one.

Thank you for your prompt, courteous service, along with your great communications, and your high quality workmanship.

Best wishes,


I received my bag and used it this weekend.  I love it!


Hi, my new bag is gorgeous!  I did not realize that it would be made to order, but am thrilled with it!
I will be back to order more Danny K. Bags as gifts this Spring!  I first saw them in Mendocino, CA a few years ago, and then again in the Open Market in Charleston....I decided to try your website and I loved the choices!

Best wishes and I am thinking of birthday gifts for close friends in March and April!
I will leave just a bit do extra time for them to be made!

Best wishes, 


Thanks for the beautiful new purse.  I love it!!  Looking forward to ordering more in the future.  It is a perfect size for me.


I was shopping for Christmas gifts and saw your handbags in the Appalachian Spring store in Washington, DC.  So I bought myself a gift of one of your handbags.    I LOVE this bag it is the perfect size for so many different things.  I can even stuff my MacBook Air in here if I need to.  And it looks terrific with all of my coats and jackets.  

Everyone wants to know where I got this bag!  It is so much better than bags priced at 10 times the cost.  Better and more useful than some of the bags that I have bought from my favorite small leather makers in Venice, Italy.

I will buy new Danny K Handbags each season.


Justin...wifey loves it !!....quality hand crafted bag ...thanks so much!!



It is utterly gorgeous - even better than I thought it might be and I like the pattern even better than the one I saw on the bus.

I'll be ordering more in the future.  Thanks.



Just to confirm what you already know...These bags are extraordinary! Thank you!




Thank you soooooooooo MUCH!!! I love it!  Too bad these bags last forever or I would get to buy one in each fabric.  That was the hardest decision!


Thank you. I will try the wash you suggested.  

This is a paisley purse and the "soiled" purse has large burgundy and olive flowers.  Both purses go with any outfit I have on.  I get so many complements on my Danny K purses. 

I fly lots. I can tuck this purse inside a large shoulder bag and count the purse and toot bag as one item to board the flight. I love the adjustable length strap and adjust it frequently.  I usually wear it across my body when shopping or when I need hands free.  When tucking it into the toot for flying I shorten the strap to it's shortest.  I have only tried the one style with the 2 zippers.  Perhaps I will try another style but for now - this size is perfect.

I also love that the purses are Made in America.


Dear Justin,
Wow! My gorgeous handbag arrived this evening safe and sound. (Freezing rain here, but that's New Hampshire).
I love it!
Thank you all so much for such fine workmanship (or workpersonship or craftspersonship; well you get it) and for the excellent customer service.
It is a delight doing business with Danny K. Now, with this, my second handbag, I believe I am officially addicted.

A forever customer,

The purse arrived and I am enjoying it. It is my second one of your bags and probably won't be my last


Dear Justin,

I have only one comment—Fabulous!  Your customer service is excellent and the quality of your products is beyond expectation.  I found out about your products through my sister who had one of your bags someone had given her for a gift.  After searching the internet, I found your site and ordered a bag for me and my sister ordered one. It would be nice to see what the fabrics would look like on an actual handbag, but I don’t know if this is possible to do on your website.  I will definitely be back for more!

Thank You so much,


Thank you so much.  I have one of your nap sacks and I love it!!!!!
So so happy you could accommodate getting this to Diane as a Christmas present.
Truly appreciate your great customer service.

Thanks and Happy Holidays!!!



I love my new bag. It is the same design has the one I have been using 365 days a year, but with a new design.  I like the pull tag on the large opening - the one improvement in what I consider to be the most functional handbag I have ever had.
People on the streets of NYC stop and ask me where I got it.  I always tell them to go to your website!
Thank you so much.


Thanks so much for the speedy delivery.  I thought I was a little late with the order for something that needed to be made.  I had it in 5 days from the order.  It is beautifully done, and our daughter will love the wallet.  It is a match for the purse we got from you for her birthday last year.  Thanks so much.


Love, love love the bag.  Just beautiful.   I like the strap on this one so much more than the adjustable strap on your other bags.  It’s long enough to wear as a shoulder bag, but doesn’t slip like the strap on the adjustable styles.  Thanks.


Dear Danny K (Justin or the real Danny),

For the past 4 years I've bought a purse from you at Sacramento's Harvest Festival. Every year the purse style changes and I choose a different shape, and of course a different fabric. I started out with a matching coin purse and this year bought a coordinating wallet to go with my new purse.

I have to tell you that I've NEVER been a purse person until I found yours. I just can't get enough. The wallet is perfection. It has everything I could possibly want. My friend told me how happy she was with hers but I didn't listen, until this year when I bought my own. I'm already planning which purse I want next year. It's your newest style, the same one I bought this year, but in a different material of course.

This email is simply to say thanks for your wonderful, fantastically crafted products. YOU ROCK !!!



I thoroughly enjoy the quality of your handbags.  The choices of fabric are amazing. 
What more can I say?


Just a handbag arrived this evening, and I really like it! The fabric is beautiful, the craftsmanship is great, lots of pockets and it is nice and light weight. And I also like the subtlety of only the zipper tabs advertising Danny Kaye. I don't like looking like a billboard for a designer.


Wow, looks like I'm getting my items tomorrow....cannot wait to get all of my matching pieces!!  

I purchased the Kimberly purse in the new Monet pattern at the Sugarloaf Crafts Festival in Somerset, NJ last month, and I cannot tell you how happy I am with my purse!!  Not only is it a very organized bag with all of the many outside and inside pockets, but it is such a beautiful pattern/fabric that it makes me smile every time I look at it!  The zippers are extremely well done too...which I find very important on my purses.

Danny K. ROCKS!!

Thanks for not only the great products, but for the outstanding customer service as well!

Kind regards,


Hi Justin,
Definitely very cool bags and business concept.
Thank you very much.


I'd like to thank you for designing such a great bag.  It offers the best organization.   There is a place for everything, and everything stays in place!
Thank you,


With so many inferior products in the marketplace, when I find one I like, I have to let everyone know--especially the folks who took the care in making a fine product!
I get SO MANY compliments on this handbag purchased two years ago at the National Gallery in D.C. It is the PERFECT handbag to use during bicycle commuting season in Minnesota (April-November). It has the absolutely perfect number of pockets; I can even fit a small umbrella in it.


And I just washed it and think it looks great--ready for the 2014 season!


Hi Justin,

Thank you so much for allowing me to add on to my order!  I took care of the additional payment via the phone.  And, yes, please do include the S&H!

I am in such awe of the beautiful handbags and accessories made by Danny K!  They are not only beautiful but they are so unique and are of outstanding quality....built to last and they do!  I am proud to carry my Danny K items and even more proud when I receive compliments with telling them about Danny K and how everything is made right here in the good ol' USA!

Please do keep up the good work and keep those gorgeous fabrics coming!!  :)

Thank you and kind regards,



THANK YOU! You guys are great! Your service is as good as your product!


Hi Justin,

I wanted to thank you for all the time and effort that you put in to fulfill my backpack order.  I just received it and I absolutely love it!  I am so pleased with the colors and texture of the fabric on both the backpack and the wallet.  The strap length is perfect as well.  It is so obvious that much time is taken to ensure that the pattern of the fabric is perfectly aligned and compliments each item.

Thank you so very much for producing such wonderfully constructed products at an affordable price!  The pride in craftsmanship truly shows.

Much Aloha,


I just received the Frida Handbag that I ordered & it is perfect.
Thank you for producing such a great product: handsome & practical.


You guys are the best! I love it all!


Everything you said came true. The bag is just what I wanted, very nice, and it arrived when you told me it would.
Thank you.


Thank you so much.  I guess my friend wasn't kidding when she said your company is extremely customer-oriented.  Thanks again for your help.



Dear Justin,
Many thanks for your excellent service, I really appreciated your special attention to my inquiries.  I got my bag in record time and it's beautiful.  I needed something unique and stylish for my new job in Moscow Russia where women are very fashionable, I also needed something roomy but still sleek.  The new Kimberly is ideal.

Best wishes ,
~Toni ~


I really love the purses your company makes!! I have had 3 over the years, and I get so many compliments on them, and asking where I bought them. I have told them all to go to your website, as there are many, many choices! I live in Reston, VA and our Appalachian Spring store here carries them. My 1st one I purchased at a boutique in Charlottesville, VA. The other two I ordered online. Keep up the good work!!



Yes, thanks, I did receive the bag....and it is PERFECT!  I very much appreciate the convenient design, good materials and workmanship of this fine handbag.


It came and I LOVE it.  Always top quality!!!!


I love my new bag!  Thank you so much. It is just what I had hoped it would look like. It is made so well! I will likely order another in a different pattern soon and will tell everyone I know about your wonderful bags.
Thanks so much,


What a beautiful backpack I received from your company. I am sure that my mother will positively love the item! Thank you again for all of your help with the bag.
Best Regards,


Hi Justin,
I called "Danny K" on Sunday night with a request for a purse--the Paula in Neptune Blue.  You checked that you had one in stock and said it would arrive on Tuesday, Wednesday at the latest.  It arrived last night--Tuesday--in good time for my trip departure this evening.  Thank you for your outstanding service!  The purse is beautifully made, as I knew it would be from a friend's recommendation.   Feel free to use this email as a testimonial if it's of any use to you.

Thanks again--



Not sure if this is the correct way to get word to you…but this is the first time I have ordered anything on line  and it has all turned out perfect.  Your timing was right on and the product is fabulous.  Thank you very much for handling everything just the way it should be done!!


My friend called and she was so surprised to get this gift in the mail!! She loved it so very much!! Thank you!!


Hi Justin & Danny,

I can't believe I've found a beautiful handbag that's made in America.  I almost gave up looking when I looked in the Mast General Store in Boone NC.
What a surprise and I love my new bag!!!!  The gallery of prints and colors is awesome.  I've never seen any handbag made better.  Thank you for coming to America and starting your business here, please don't ever out-source your perfect products to another country.

Thank you so much,



Dear Justin,

I just want to tell you and your staff that the two purses you sent me are absolutely exquisite!  The combination of textures, the placement of the prints, the attention to detail – all your work exceeds expectations.  Since I (like most women) take my purse just about everywhere I go, it is so nice to have always have one that is so lovely!  And I’m not even really talking about how great all the pockets and storage areas are.  Your purses are not only utilitarian, they are “things of beauty”!

Keep up the good work!


I saw the bags today in a small gift shop here in town and LOVE them! Now I needed to give a gift and thought I would gift the new bag… and order 2 for myself! Have a good weekend!


Dear Justin,

I just now received my box from your company (which, by the way, I have been anxiously awaiting -- because I was so very excited about your handbags!!) and I am thrilled with every item that I ordered. Actually, I ordered several handbags, figuring I would choose a couple that I like and then give the rest for gifts.! Only one will I part with, and that's only because it is nearly a duplicate of another one. Each one is more beautiful than the next!! Actually, the one I thought I would like the least is the one that already has my stuff in it!  It is a work of art -- and has so many practical places to put things! I feel as though I have discovered a rare gem and it won't be long before the world is pounding at your door with orders! I hope you're ready.  :)

My best friend came home with hers from the Smithsonian Museum store - and I loved hers so much that I asked her if she minded if I got one like hers. She was flattered that I liked hers so much and we immediately got online to see if we could find your website. I'm so thankful we did!

Thank you for the American-made, beautifully sewn piece of art that I get to carry every day! And thank you for making them affordable, too. May God bless your company and your employees. (I don't mean that lightly. I mean it literally.)




Your bag has arrived and I love it.......what a treasure.


Dear Justin,

Great service!  I can hardly wait to get my purse.  It will be my second DannyK and probably not my last.  I have received many, many compliments on my first purchase.



My husband and I just visited DC for the first time and I discovered Danny K. Handbags at the National Gallery gift shop. I am really picky about handbags- they have to be very functional and very affordable. When I saw an across body bag with multiple zippered compartments and a cutout compartment in a beautiful floral (cherry blossom? ) motif, I couldn't believe it was so affordable! I consider it a real treasure. The colors are so pretty and versatile and the craftsmanship appears to be outstanding!
--I will be recommending you to everyone I know!


Hello Justin,
Just a quick note to let you know my handbag that I ordered came today just as planned and it is beautiful.  The color is just as I expected and I am looking forward to using it soon.  Thanks for the good service and the quality of your handbags, you can tell that you work hard to make these beautiful handbags and to have them made in the U.S. is even better.  Thanks again and I will be ordering more in the future.


I look forward to receiving my new bags!  I already have two older Hamptons; it is the perfect size for everything I need and is wide enough at the opening for me to see where things are.  Please keep making this model!


How can I thank you enough…just took out of the box ……....this backpack is beautiful ……...even on the inside …..I just love the Danny K bags ….if he does another backpack …please let me know or i do continue to look on you site for new bags …everyone loves them …..thank you for your kindness


You can't do anything to improve...wonderful service and exceptional products!



Hi Justin,  Thank you!  I love these handbags even more than I'd imagined!


I am telling all my friends about your fabulous bags and great customer service....and made in the USA. What more could you ask for?


Hi Justin and staff:

I received my order on Friday, and I just LOVE the bag!  The color is perfect.  This is my 2nd Danny K bag, and they are so well made.  Thank you and I will be ordering more.



My new Danny K. tote bag arrived on Wednesday.    Thank you so much for quick service and for a high quality, beautiful tote.    I travel a lot for business and have been searching for the perfect tote & handbag combination.    This is it.    I am a very satisfied customer.



I sure like it very much. You make an outstanding product. I get lots of compliments on my Danny K bags, and I have told lots of people about your website. I bought my first Danny K bag at a dog and cat boutique in the L.A. airport about 20? years ago. It was a smaller version of your backpack in a dog print tapestry. I wish you offered that  pattern again. Anyway, thanks for your wonderful bags.


Hi Justin,
I'm a big fan of your product.  It happens that my purses get lots of attention from some of the ladies in my Bible study group.  The Hampton I just ordered is for one of those ladies.  I am trying your large zipper style for a change.
Thanks for the great bags,


Bags arrived today and they're beautiful.  Wasn't expecting anything less.
Thanks so much,


My bag arrived today, just in time, and I am thrilled with it. Thank you!  What I really appreciate is your constant communication with me about the bag.  In addition to your emails, I also had a voice mail message and a telephone call from a woman in your organization regarding the delivery of my bag.  I will definitely do business with you again in the future.  Thank you again.


Such a great quality product.  I've been using by current backpack for over 5 years!


What a beautiful purse!  And such quick service!
Thank you for making such an excellent product.


The purse arrived today and looks even better in person than on the web. Thanks very much!


I happened upon your bags while sightseeing in Lexington, MA.  My cousin and I each purchased two bags and I already received my second order and I am ready for spring.  I'm 87 years old and still an the active mode.  I was ever so willing to give up the heavy large bags.  Number one:  Keep up your good work  and you will prevail.  Number Two:  God Bless you and incase your are Jewish (like me) have a good PASSOVER.....If not, HAPPY EASTER, you'll hear from me again.


Love the new bag--appreciate the new pockets on the large zipper bag. I have 3 of them and haven't carried another bag since my sister in law gave me my first one three years ago! Perfect!


Just want you to know, I love the bag.


I love it! It's perfect. Thank you for making such a great product.


I LOVE my bag!!! It will be the first of more to come. THANK YOU!!


Hi Justin,

I found my beautiful Danny K handbag at the Walters Museum in Baltimore and it was love at first sight.  Your products are gorgeous—like individual pieces of artwork—and are all the more special by being made in the USA.  I love the fact that it is beautiful fabric rather than leather and receive comments and compliments wherever I go because it is so unique.

Originally from the United States, I now reside in Sydney, Australia.  Do you ship internationally?  If so, I would be interested in shopping online.

All the best,


Hi Justin,

I own a number of Danny K. handbags because they are both stylish and practical, and I always receive lots of compliments when I carry them. I recently decided that I needed a bigger bag and so ordered the Kimberly. I actually gasped when I received it; with its tapered shape and intriguing use of three gorgeous fabrics, the Kimberly is perhaps the most elegant bag I've ever owned - -at a price I consider quite affordable. I couldn't be more pleased!



It arrived yesterday - thanks for keeping me informed.  It's beautiful - and it's 'replacing' another Danny K wallet!  (in quotes because the older one is still in great shape but I was ready for a new fabric - I'll use it again in the future)


Thank you for the speedy delivery.  I love the bag!  I am spreading the word...impressed with your company and product.  I wish
you much success.  I will be purchasing from you again.



I SOOOO LOVE IT!  I got it yesterday - that was really fast!  It is so pretty!
Thank you!


Just wanted to add to the many kudos you have been receiving.  Last year I purchased a backpack, black, print purse of yours from the National Gallery on a visit to the DC area.  I LOVE IT!  Everything about it--the styling, the colors, the workmanship, the division of space.  I have many compliments on the bag from a multitude of sources--check-out women at the grocery store, friends, people simply passing me on the street!

My spouse and I just returned from a little trip down south and stopped in a craft store in Berkley Springs, WV.  Low and behold--there were those gorgeous purses once again!  My daughter's birthday was this month, and we bought one for her.  Couldn't resist purchasing another back-pack style (this time of a summer variety) for myself.  We gave the gift to our daughter last night.  She was entranced, delighted, and happy with the choice we made for her.

Another satisfied family.  This one lives in OH.

Thank you,


Thanks so much. I don't check my e-mail too often or I would've sent this earlier. I love my new wallet!!! I was soo happy when it arrived. When I showed up at my various Christmas parties I just had to show it off. I love all your stuff. Are you going to be at the Strawberry Festival in Oxnard this year???




Thanks for your help--the bag arrived on Friday, and it's great! I love how it's both very functional and very pretty!


Thank you!  Great service and I really appreciate the consistent communication.


Thank you. I have a Capri in Goldie and like it so much I want one in a winter color. I have about six or seven Danny Ks. I like the products very much. Made well, and made in the USA.



Hi Justin,

I met you at Sugarloaf and we had a chat about how much I love my bags, not only because they are gorgeous, but also, when I throw them on my sofa they are a perfect home decorator item.  I never feel as though I have left something laying around...I deliberately put it there.  A perfect compliment to home and body.

It works for me.  I love my two bags and just placed an order for one for a friend for Christmas.

You have a brilliant product.  Kudos to you!  I hope you keep them coming.





Hello Justin,
I received my bag and yes, I am totally enjoying it as well as receiving many compliments.  Very nice workmanship, and I love the fabric.  The pictures just don't do it justice. 



Hello - While visiting my daughter in Michigan (I live in Florida), we visited Frederik Meijer Gardens near her home.  I purchased one of your bags in the gift shop there; and, I absolutely love it!  The bag is well made and beautiful!  Thank you for making a product in the USA.  I am so pleased with my purchase that I just went online and ordered three of the purses to give as Christmas gifts!  Happy Holidays to you!  Regards,



Hi Justin,

It was nice to meet you this afternoon at the Sugarloaf Crafts Festival at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds.

You sold me my 4th Danny K handbag today.  I love these sturdy and stylish bags and have traveled extensively with two of them:  to Morocco, Japan, London, Tanzania and Kenya, and Australia and New Zealand.

They are so well-made and the fabric selection is amazing.  Thank you for coming across the country so I can happily add to my DK Collection!



I bought a backpack handbag at the National Gallery in D.C. in April. It has been THE PERFECT handbag for the spring/summer/early fall. I bike to/from work on Minneapolis's bike share system, Nice Ride. There is little room on the front of the bike to carry things, so I need a handbag I can wear on my back. This one has been PERFECT. Perfect number of pockets and big enough for all my "stuff"--including my Nook. Thanks for a great handbag!



Every handbag that Danny designs and produces is expertly thought through from start to finish.  His latest design, the (Kimberly bag) for the iPad, is absolutely brilliant!  I couldn't have improved
on it had I designed it myself.  The combination of the zippers in the front (for your usual items, i.e. wallet, cosmetic case, glasses, keys, Point & Shoot camera, etc.), plus the back zipper for quick and easy access to your iPad, couldn't be more perfect.  The across-the-chest strap takes the weight off your shoulders, making it comfortable to wear for hours, even with the weight of the iPad.   The day after I
purchased it I carried it with me on a photo shoot, with my regular 35 mm. camera  strapped around my neck, and the Danny K iPad purse across my chest.  The iPad slipped in and out of the purse easily and quickly as I used it to photograph. This design, along with the wonderful array of fabrics he uses, 
make this bag the ideal purchase for anyone who wants to carry their iPad along with them. It is not only functional, but because of Danny's attention to detail, makes a beautiful fashion statement
as well.  I have already ordered my second (Kimberly) bag.

Every woman in America, regardless of her age, can find a
bag she loves in Danny K's assortment.



Dear Justin--It arrived yesterday and it is beautiful! Even my husband who could care less about purses kept commenting on what a great purse it is! Thanks for such quality work right here in my own country! Your newest fan,


Been carrying my new bag for just two days and received many inquiries about where I found it, I love it. Only suggestion...convince Joye in Scituate Mass to begin to carry your bags again.


Dear Justin,

I did receive my new Danny K bag. It came just in time for my trip tonight. I hope it joins my other Danny K bag purchased several years ago as my most used handbags.

Thank you,


I cannot tell you how happy I am with the handbag.  I have one that has the “pansy design” and I love the addition of the large outside zipper pocket.  I am so busy here at work but had to stop and tell you how delighted I am!



I just received my order of 2 Hampton Purses. They are both so lovely. I'm really going to enjoy using them.
Take care.


Thank you Justin! I received my bag and I love it. It has been very easy to do business with Danny K, and I love “made in the USA”.



I literally got compliments every day this summer on my Paula purse in the Hazara fabric--that's a definite fabric keeper!  But I must say that the most wonderfully designed purse is the Hampton--love it, love it, love it!

Are you going to have any new fabrics for the Fall and Winter season or any new purse designs?

Thanks for making such a wonderful product.  Keep up the good work!



Please add me to your news letter & special orders. I can't wait to get my order. Thanks Justin, so I see you are the President now, that's great.  I talked to you when ordering my last Fall purse & I just happen to get you on the phone. I just hope I ordered the right size this time, & am holding my breathe. The one I have from Door County is the one you show in many magazines & on your computer page in the multi-blues. I've had it for 3 years & use it almost all the time & it doesn't show a bit of wear. I tell everybody about you guys. So I'm hoping I ordered the right size by getting the smaller one & what I have is not the bigger one. Can't wait to find out.  And what I like most of all is it is made in the USA I wish your company the best. Now make the right vote for small companies in Nov.
Thanks I'm sure you will be hearing from me again & my friends soon again.


Got the handbags yesterday and they are both beautiful!  The material is even prettier than on the website.  Thank you so much!


Well, I had a friend in California buy some bags and send them up to me in Toronto, ON, Canada. I want to say how happy I am with them. They are beautiful, and well made. I will be showing them around to my friends. Thanks for adding to my handbag collection and keep up the good work. These bags are winners.


I received the handbag and absolutely love it!  I am always a little leary about ordering anything on-line.  This time I made the right decision.  Thank you!!!!  Look forward to visiting Danny's stall at the next San Jose Harvest Festival in November. Thanks again.


Just to let you know I am so pleased. The colors, the workmanship and the quality certainly shows.
I shall treasure these bags. Thanks


I love your hand bags & have told several friends about them. Those that have them say the same thing about them as I do. They are wonderful & wear so well.  Also I wouldn't buy them if they were not made here in the USA. God Bless you!!!


I have several of your handbags and absolutely love them. I work in Washington, D.C. and yesterday I was waiting for the metro at Union Station. I became aware of an extremely large lady lumbering towards me with a big smile on her face. I stood there, looking at her a little suspiciously, wondering what cause she was representing and how much money she'd want me to give. Before I could say anything, she said "Oh, I just love your bag! It's beautiful! So nice for the autumn!

This is not the first time a perfect stranger has complimented me on my Danny K handbag and asked where she could get one and it won't be the last. They do attract a lot of attention and a lot of compliments! I just wanted to pass this on to you.



I recently purchased a medium sized shoulder bag at Bell's in Maine.  I loved it at first sight ( I am really picky and usually buy only Coach) 

I just wanted to say how ingenious it was for you to put that little "cleat bead" on the inside which enables you to adjust the shoulder strap.  Works like a champ...what a great idea! 

Thanks for that little touch,


I received my wallet and coin purses yesterday and can't thank you enough for your wonderful customer service.You are truly an asset to Danny K's company.
Take care and have a nice day.



Received you purse today.  I Love it.  I am going to order my daughter one today.  Thanks so much.


The handbag just arrived. I am very pleased with my choice and Your Work!!


Hi Justin,

I was out of the office when my package arrived.  Today is my first day back.  I love the bags they are beautiful.  One is for me and one is a gift.  I can’t wait to pass it on to the recipient (although her birthday is not until November).  I found your website very easy to navigate and the whole process was quite painless and efficient.

To take a step back, I was going to a concert and did not want to carry my big pocketbook with me.  I had left my smaller bag at home.  One of my co-workers offered me her “errand” bag.  She keeps a small bag in the office, for convenience.  She uses it when she shops on her lunch hour or if she has a social event after hours.  I borrowed the bag and loved it.  I loved the look of the bag, it was beautiful. The craftsmanship was amazing - from the tapestry print to the sturdy zippers.  I didn’t want to give it back.  She told me she had purchased it at a craft store in Vermont, but knew I could order on-line too.  I googled Danny K and the rest, as they say, is history.

I will look forward to returning to your site in the future.

Best regards,


Yes, I am enjoying my new bag.  It is the perfect size I was looking for.  This is Danny K bag #5 for me.  They never wear out, but a bit of a change is nice from time to time.  I am sure that I will be ordering from Danny K again.  And I have referred several of my friends and family to Danny K as well.  Thank you for your efficient service!



This is my third backpack for personal use, and I've given several as gifts. People are always asking where I get them, and your name is so easy for them to remember. Thank you for continuing to make your beautiful, useful bags in the US!



The purse is for my college freshman daughter, and she LOVES everything about it!  She had chosen the fabric and style before she left (and we had it sent to her off-campus dorm).  She’d been happy through most of high school with her Zipper Purse, but I convinced her (1) it was old and tired looking and (2) she could use a slightly larger one.  She went for Bella in the French Twist fabric.  When it arrived, she modeled it for me on Skype and pointed out all her favorite features.

Thank you for, as always, making such a wonderful, USA product—and maintaining an online store!

Yours truly,


Hello Justin,
I am a very happy repeat customer.  The product is superb and so is the customer service.  I can't think of a single thing that could be better. 


I love it.  Thank you.  You have an extraordinary company, product, and staff.


The handbags and cosmetic cases arrived today and they are just stunning. I definitely will be ordering more items from your company - it's such a pleasure to find purses made in the U.S.A.  I saw a pattern on your web site with kittens.  Have you ever done one with dogs/puppies?  If you ever get fabric with that or horses, please let me know.  The hummingbird pattern will be the perfect gift for my friend.  Her birthday and retirement will coincide soon so this arrived just in time. I know she'll love it.  Thanks again for the beautifully made bags.


I got my order today and I love it!!  You do outstanding work. I am going to love carrying this bag. You will get lots of orders off this. Because everyone will want their own. I love the way you present your products. You have a few product items that don't have any detail listed that I would like to see.
The bag looks better and has more places to put things than I thought it would have.

Thank you for a wonderful experience,


Received it in plenty of time for our trip. Thanks!
It's unique and beautiful, as I have come to expect from your purses. Just received another compliment this afternoon on it. :)

Again, Thank You!!


This is my Birthday gift to myself! I love it and showed it off to many yesterday!
Thank you!
Keep up the good work!


Hi Justin,

The minute the bags came I gave it to my Mom and she took all of her things out of the Coco bag which she will use in the winter and put everything in her Hazara bag which is now her summer bag.  Mom is 86.  My aunt is getting her Noir bag today.  Those three are the large zip bag.  I love my new bag also because I can put my iPad in it.  Thank you so much.  Have a great summer.  Will be looking forward to new bags and colors.  I have my eye on the lighthouse fabric. 



Many thanks,
One was for my friend and one for me - we both love them......


I LOVE these bags.  This style (Mona) is the best style I have ever had, and I’ve been carrying purses since I was 12 years old – over 50 years!!!  I get so many compliments on the two I already have.  And the workmanship is wonderful – I’m a quilter/sewer myself, so I’m very picky.



The zipper bag arrived this morning.  The fabric is even nicer than the picture online shows.  Good work again!  Thank you.


Thanks! Yes I received the bag and LOVE it. Really like how the shoulder strap is discretely adjustable.
Will be purchasing more in the future!



I received my Lisa purse yesterday.  It is beautiful!  Thank you.  I now have two Danny K purses and I always get of complements on my unique purse.

Thanks again,


Just a note to let you know I received my Capri (Goldie) in the mail today.  It is even nicer than I though it might be.  I have long been on a quest for The Perfect Purse, and this is it -  pockets, fabric, zippers, beautifully crafted in America. Thank you for a bag I know I will love and use for a long time (already owning other Danny K bags), and more so, for your fine customer service. You could not have been nicer if I had ordered a score of purses.



Hi Justin,

Received the purse today.  It is wonderful, very well made and exactly what I wanted - and made in America!  Thanks for your patience responding to all my questions.



I love my new tote!


Received my purse today.  It's beautiful.  Your service is superb.  Thank you,


Just received my newest (3rd one) handbag and an delighted even before I use it. It's the Hampton bag in Neptune Blue. Love the style, love the fabric. If I were to design a bag it would have all these features-shoulder strap, zippers to keep things in bag, lots of sections! Thanks!


Package arrived; recipient delighted; many thanks.



Complements of my daughter…
Attached is another picture of the Danny K bag. Putting it to good use as you can see. It's the perfect size for toting around [...] everything. 




You guys are amazing!  My Sophie just arrived and it is gorgeous.  Thank you SO much.


Thanks so much.  Even though I’ve paid for these bags, when they arrive, it’s like Christmas.  I’m having them shipped to work so I can show them off.  Maybe some others will be inspired to order!


I somehow deleted your original emails to me, but I wanted to thank the woman (in Customer Service) for her help in finding me the perfect handbag to match a dress that I have.  I received the large zipper purse Jive/blue in the timeframe indicated.  It is very nice and matches perfectly.  I love your bags.  This is my third.  The others were purchased in a local store.
Please pass on the message.  I will pass on the website info to others.  It is important to buy American and your products are top-notch and reasonably priced.
Thank you.


Dear Justin,

Just had to 'write' and let you know how much I LOVE my new Danny K bag!
This purchase was made at the Santa Barbara Botanical Gardens on my 60th birthday a month ago  ... and I've lost count of the number of compliments I've received.
I was overwhelmed by the designs and fabric choices, but finally settled on the Mona purse, in the Moscatel fabric, The fabric goes with everything and the purse is so beautifully crafted with very nice details.
On a practical level, the organization is perfect - I never have to search for items ... and, being the "pack mule", I can even find room for my husband’s wallet, phone and glasses :-)

Can't wait to find an excuse to buy another of your beautiful bags.
And, as I live in Austin, I'm delighted I can order from you online.

Thank you!



I received my bag today and it is truly stunning.  Thank You.


Hi Justin,

I am in CA for a visit and had lunch with Steve today.  I was telling him how much I LOVE my new Sophie bag!  I ordered it to take to Europe with me on a trip in March.  It is absolutely perfect for iPad use.  I wanted to be able to take my iPad with me during the day while on vacation because I had bought some city apps to use for travel. It's big enough to hold quite a few other things very easily as well as my iPad. I can't tell you just how perfect it is to use!  Now that I don't lug my laptop around in my backpack, this is just such a fantastically easier alternative.  I have shown it to friends and you may be getting more orders.



Received the handbags I ordered from you.  I was astonished at the beauty and style of the bags.  I have never been so pleased with an order.  You should be proud of your products.  I will indeed order from you again.  Thank you for operating your business in the USA.   Thank you again for such a beautiful product.


Recently I ordered a cell phone case and a wallet that was waiting for shipment.  Being in a rush, you helped me find a replacement, and I wanted to let you know that they came today.  THANK YOU!  The quality and beauty of these products is amazing, so well done, and I love the fabric.  They are for my daughter’s birthday, and when I told her cousin about them, she immediately ordered the same pattern in a purse for my daughter.  So, she will be thrilled.

Thank you for your pleasant help on these, and DEFINITELY, I will be ordering again.

Have a lovely day,


Hello Justin,
I just received my "Maggie" purse in Kanye and I'm really pleased with it.  It is just the right size; I love the fabric and the wide strap.  My friend's purse has a narrow strap--the wider one is much more comfortable.  Thank you for great customer service, fast shipment and a wonderful product!


Thanks, Justin-
I'll be looking forward to seeing the bags!

I gave Danny K gift certificates for Christmas, and those resulting bags have been very well received.  My mother-in-law is showing off hers to everyone.  I also have a couple friends to whom I have sent your website.  Please share my thanks with your team for the beautiful products you make.



Love it!!! It's beautiful. I've received many compliments on it. And it's so well-made. I'm quite particular about my bag being well-constructed and this one is fantastic. I really appreciate the great workmanship.



I love your fabrics and your website is the best.  So clear to view and easy to use.  Congrats!!!


My order came yesterday.  It is absolutely beautiful. My husband (who couldn't care less about purses) even liked it!



You are the best. I loved the bags!   I brought the new backpack blue/brn to work this morning and of course everyone noticed and loved it.  I just know when I am out and about people will ask me where I got my bag.  Once, I caught one of my close coworkers looking for the tag on my bag to see who the designer was.  I gave her the web site.  I suggest, Justin that when you mail a bag back to the customer, you include business cards because WE WILL BE ASKED "where did you get your bag".  It's not like you can say "Macy's".  I will always be a customer.  The quality of your bags is superb and the fabric is beautiful.  The wear and tear is beyond expected, decades!!!  
I absolutely love the garnet backpack it is my ultimate favorite and will be my classic backpack for as long as it lasts.  I love that it looks great over one shoulder, it hangs like a pouch and looks beautiful.  I have given it away as gifts several times and I have had others who have bought it as well on their own after seeing mine. Again, thank you



I Did receive my order, and I really am so pleased with my new bags.  They are even nicer than they appeared on the website.  Thank you for all you concern, and I will be making more purchases soon.


I got it today.  I hope it lasts as long as the one it is replacing.  I have had it for at least 10 years and I will pass it on to clothing ministry at my church.  I used it every day during that time.  It is so nice to have something made in America so very nicely!



Dear Justin,
I just received my handbag and I have to tell you - it is EXACTLY what I was looking for and hoped for!
I have taken several years to choose just the right size, strap length, and tapestry in a handbag and not until I found you on your website was my search finally complete.
Thank you again  for a beautifully made product.


the bag is great.  I showed it off at our girls weekend this past weekend.  Everyone loved it.
Thanks for the great attention and customer service.
~Norma Jean~


Hello Justin.  I received my order and am very pleased.  I will absolutely order again from you when I need something.  The quality of the bags is superior and I love that everything is handmade here in the US.  I can't think of anything that you can do to improve service.  Thanks again for your follow-up and have a great week! 



Dear Justin,
I love my new bags.  I already have 3 of them, but just had to have 2 more.   The fabrics are just so beautiful!!  And the size of the smaller zipper bag is just perfect.
Your service was excellent; I can't think of anything that you can add. 
I will definitely recommend you to my friends and family.


Sorry, I did not let you know sooner how much I appreciated all the help you did for me to get several pocketbooks before Christmas.  Everything worked out and my Family member and Friends who received the gifts love them. Everyone loves the material and the interesting patterns.  Thank you again.

Wish you a great 2012!



I am writing to let you know that my daughters were very pleased with the Danny K backpacks we purchased last December. Attached is a picture of one that made a brief stop in London, is currently in Cannes, and on it's way to Paris! I hope you are prepared for an onslaught of business as the fashion world of Europe notices the growing popularity of your bags!
Thanks for the great service and the quality product.




It arrived today and I love it.  I had the same pattern in the next size down but my IPad stuck out and couldn’t be zipped in.  This is just perfect! You certainly make quality products. Thanks and Happy Holidays!


Your service was great and I love my new "Maggie" bag.  Thanks so much for the quick delivery.


I got the backpack yesterday and it's awesome!  I love the pattern!  I couldn't wait until her birthday on the 19th and gave it to her this morning.  She loves it!!  I'm jealous!  I have two of this style backpack; one in all black and one in Joy I think it was called?  Light blue and white.  Love them both!  Thanks again for rushing the order.  I appreciate it.  Happy Holidays to you!
~Laura ~



Thank you for the notification of shipment.

The bags are Christmas presents for our two daughters so everything is right on time. One of the bags will be spending the next six months in Paris - hopefully studying hard at the Sorbonne in between visits to cafes and museums.

I am sure it will be the envy of every fashion conscious Parisian.

May your orders during this holday season exceed your expectations and drive the US economy to better health!



I just received my "Paula Purse". It is everything I hoped and more. The website and all the reviews I read do not come close to the reality.

Thank you


Hi .. I absolutely love my purse!  I also ordered the matching fabric accessories (wallet, coin purse, make-up bag) .. even my husband who is very critical about how things are made was very impressed with both the fabric and the workmanship, and when I told him it was made in the USA he was even more pleased!!

Thank you so very much .. I hope you will be receiving more orders, because when i showed this to the people at work, they all wanted to know where I got it.  I will always recommend you!

Have A Safe & Happy Holiday Season.


Just looked at the Danny K website - nice.  I bought one of the bags at Olbrich Gardens in Madison, WI last year and it is great; just the right size for me; not too big, not too small.

I am so glad the tag said 'made in the USA.'   We need more products that say USA.



I purchased my first Danny K handbag yesterday at "Kindred Spirits" at Reagan National Airport...
What caught my eye was the style and materials...very functional and appealing to the eye.
The "Made in the USA" tag got my attention as well.

I love the quality and design (better than most higher-end department stores), and this is only the first Danny K handbag you'll find in my closet!

Many thanks for such a nice accessory!!!!!!!!!!

Bedford, Indiana


Dear Justin,

My bag arrived today.  I love it.  It is so perfect for the iPad.  I may be ordering another one.  I refer folks to your business because I love your product.



The wallets just arrived and they are WONDERFUL!! I can tell that I will be carrying them a lot. The wristlet straps will work really well with them, but I also will be using the longer straps.
Have you thought of offering the wristlet strap as a purchase option with the wallets?
You, your staff and your purses are much appreciated.


Arrived today.  This is my third Danny K backpack. Beautiful product.....great quality.




My purse arrived today and I love it!  It has all these wonderful little extra pockets for all the little things I carry.  Thank you and thank Danny.



Hi Justin and Danny K Staff,

A little shop in Cambria, CA carries your line of "hand bags".  Sorry, I am a wallet kind of girl.  BUT - I don't like "men's" wallets and sticking it in my pocket.  I don't like little "hand" bags, they are still too big.  I don't like the "check book" wallet because I have to carry it in my hand.  I NEVER found anything quite right.  Never the right material, not enough room for pics or credit cards, no change purse, no room for receipts...


I found this really cute wallet type purse!  Beautiful tapestry of medium autumn hues of a paisley print.  Wow!  a change purse!  Lots of Pic slots!  The perfect amount of slots for credit cards.  A spot to put my bills and receipts!  AND a strap that is ADJUSTABLE!  I can wear it over my shoulder OR double it for a small purse accessory on a night out.  A side pocket that can hold a slim tube of chap stick or lip stick.

IF I need to, and sometimes I do, there is still the check book holder.

IT IS MADE IN THE USA!  DOUBLE STITCHED!  REAL QUALITY - and I still can't believe it is made in the USA. 

Now, the price - compared to other QUALITY brands, which are NOT MADE in the USA - it was MORE than fair.  (I paid $45)

I know that I will treasure it for a very long time!  THANK YOU!
~Jill~, Morro Bay, CA


Handbags arrived them.  The tote is the perfect size for travel and because the handbag itself is so lightweight, I can add more travel items without causing muscle stress to my shoulders and back.  Always love the "Maggie" with adjustable straps.  Thank you so much for excellent customer service and a wonderful product.

All the best to you and your staff.


I only recently "discovered" your beautiful bags and soon will own three of them. Thank you to all of you for a beautiful product line and first class service.


I love my bag.  I plan on using it as my "day bag" when I go to Italy in October.  A co-worker used her Danny K bag in Paris and said it was great for that purpose and its design deterred pickpockets.

Your Customer Service was very helpful.  I used your Internet site, but had to call also after a lightning strike caused the electricity in my building to go off - just after I put in my SSN.  The woman who answered the phone was extremely helpful, verified that my first order did not go through and followed-up with an email when my order was processed.  All in all, I was very impressed by my experience.



The handbag is lovely.  I will enjoy using it on a daily basis. 

Thank you,


I love it! It’s my 2nd bag, same style but I wanted something for the fall. I’m probably going to order another one, larger and all the girls in my office want one!!





My Isabella tote and matching wallet came yesterday. I am so happy I bought it. It is beautiful. I am already using it. The fabric is fabulous! I check your web site all the time to see what new fabric's you have. I knew as soon as I saw the Coco fabric that I had to have it. I am partial to earth tones and the Coco is just beautiful. 

Forgot to add that even with my wallet and other stuff that I normally have in my tote, my iPad 2 inside its Timbuk2 sleeve, fits perfectly. I don't need to carry an extra bag around with me. 



Thank you Thank you Thank you!  I received my purse yesterday and I love it!  It's exactly what I expected.  Now I need to order more! :)  Should have ordered the matching coin purse and the same purse in another fabric for the summer.  Thank you again for such a great product!


Received the purse today. It looks great!  I bought my first Danny K. bag in Galena, Illinois three years ago when we were on vacation.  There is no place in Iowa to buy them so I appreciate your web site and have told several friends who ask me about the purse.



Thank you!
Love your product!
Great quality! Love the fabrics! Reasonable Price! And Made in the USA!
I need to 'Friend' you on Facebook!



Hi Justin,

The Trio bags arrived today. As expected -- they are FABULOUS!!! I will have a hard time holding on to them until Labor Day. Thank you, thank you, thank you.



LOVE it!!!!  I hope to order another one soon.  I love the product.  I have 3 now.



I was thrilled to get the purse so quickly.  While I would love to keep the purse for myself, it is a gift for my mother.  And I’m sure she’ll love it as much as I do. 

Thanks so much for your prompt service!



Thanks Justin,
I'm glad that I could provide a little "lift" to your day.  You certainly do that with every order.  I'm always so impressed with your attention to detail. Not just in the handbags, but in making each order feel as though the customer is the most important person in the world.  Making your customers feel "cared for" is one of the things that sets your company head and shoulders above others.
Take care,


Thank you!  I am the proud and pleased owner of three Danny K bags -- this will be my fourth.  I just love them and they last forever!  Keep up the great work!!!!


To Justin,

You have a great knack in making these bags. My order came in perfect shape and
I was very pleased at the quality of the work and the beautiful material used. I will
pass this info along to my friends.
Thank you.




Good Morning!   I just opened the package and am so very pleased!  The bags are awesome!  The craftsmanship is amazing and the fabrics are so cool!  I really like the ability to (so easily) adjust the strap length … I often have to use a wheelchair when I go out & about and like to be able to adjust the strap, easily, to adjust for having the bag cross-body while seated in the chair.

Thank you, so much for a lovely bag(s) and for excellent customer service.

~Sue ~


Thank you! I LOVE this bag!  It is exactly what I was expecting!  I am telling all of my friends about the great quality and beautiful detail of these purses.  Keep up the good work!



Hi Justin,

I just couldn’t resist ordering another birthday gift for a dear friend – what better way than something from your collection!

Thanks for the update,
~Micki ~


Hi Justin,
I just received my purse in the mail and I have to tell you...I love it!    I have looked all over for a purse...Coach, Tiaganello, Fossil, etc and none of them have come close to the quality of this handbag.  I love the color and the size of the purse. 
I am glad I finally found a purse that I love, because my friends were beginning to think I was "obsessed" looking for that "perfect" purse.  Well, I found it...and I thank you.... and the best part of it all, is that it was made in the United States and I think we all need to start supporting our own country.

Thank you again.....


We just returned from a wonderful day at the Boston Marathon (a visiting friend's friend was running and she finished in 3 hrs 11 mins--excellent time) and to top it off my new bag was waiting on the doorstep!  
It is even more handsome than anticipated, and has zippered compartments and pockets that I wasn't expecting -- perfect.  
Whoever made it took great care to cut the fabric to the best advantage, centering the major design element in the center of the flap, making sure the fabric on the front complimented the flap design and matching seams in a clever way (not the kind of design that lends itself to a simple match).  Anyway, I hope you'll thank this genuine craftsman for me.  Our visitor is greatly taken with this bag and plans to get on your website to buy for her daughter, who is vegan and won't use leather anything!  Maybe that'd be a good selling point, but I'm sure your bags pretty much sell themselves.
Anway, I wanted you to know how pleased I am and will look forward to sending others your way.
carpe manana!


Your service, just like your handbags is fantastic!


I love, love, love my tote and wallet!  THANK you!


Just received my order....It's GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!  I really love these bags. I got my first one when I was a tour director. I need to have my hands free and be able to carry all my stuff needed for small emergencies. AND  I was in crowed places so I was always afraid someone would reach in my bag, I bought my first and have just purchased my 4Th. I LOVE THEM!!!  Thanks.  I do tell all my friends and anyone who complements my bag where I got it, and I do get asked a lot.



Hi, Just received my DannyK handbag and wallet, they are just gorgeous!! I am so thrilled. As a vegetarian I will not buy leather products and can never find attractive non-leather options. Your product is gorgoeous well constructed and I am ordering more for myself and as gifts. Thank you so much.


OK, thanks for this info and for your prompt reply -- will go ahead with my order on-line.

I bought my first bag at the Miriam Hospital gift shop, when my husband was admitted for a few days...and my sister bought several to take back to England after a visit -- you sent them here to me and I mailed them on.  
Friends, out for dinner with us last week, admired my lg. zipper bag greatly and are now fans enjoying your website.
Sorry to waffle on, but your bags are really uniquely special -- it's so rare to find any product actually made in the USA.  Your fabrics are extraordinarily beautiful, designs simple, smart and appealing, and your craftsmanship superb.

Best wishes to all at DannyK.


Hi Justin and Danny,

My new handbag (and cosmetic case) just arrived, and I am thrilled with them.
The way that Danny cut the fabric to show the seed pods is just perfect.  Everything
about the bags is excellent - the design, the fabrics, the workmanship, the customer
service, etc.,  and I am always very proud to be carrying one of them.  I'm afraid
I've lost count on how many I own, because each year they are more beautiful
and more functional than the year before.  Thank you for such a wonderful
product  - and Made in USA!  You gotta love it!   I don't need to wish you 
good luck- you don't thrive on luck - you thrive
because of the excellence of your product!



Hey Justin -
I know - EVERY time I see you, I tell you -
but you have to know, AND you have to tell DANNY -

I get a compliment at least ONCE DAILY on my new handbag and sometimes MULITIPLE times Daily!
It's been unbelievable!! - (even more than the animal print bag)
(I recently (March) bought the new PAULA bag in the Mumsford/multi material)

I know you guys know you have a great thing going -
but, I just thought I'd tell you about the attention THIS bag is getting!
I'm making lots of new friends because of it - it's wonderful!

See you in the FALL!


Hi Justin,
I received my new purse today and am again very happy with your product!  I wanted the Surf's Up print, but since you were out, I got the Lighthouse print, and I like it!  Thank you for your email updates and making the product in the USA and getting it to me so quickly!
Thanks again!


Hi Justin,
I received my beautiful handbag yesterday and, as usual, was thoroughly pleased.  I have been using nothing buy Danny K handbags for almost 15 years and have referred family and friends to your website.  I still have the very first purse I purchased and it still looks great!  I also use nothing but Danny K wallets, eye glass cases, makeup bags, etc. 

Keep up the wonderful work you do - I'd be lost without my beautiful handbags.



I received my order today.  It was in excellent condition, and I am pleased to own another beautiful Danny K Handbag!

Thank you.


Many thanks for the fine service, great product, and good communication!     I know Anne will enjoy this handbag as much as I do my 2!!



On the East Coast, sporting a Danny K is like being in a secret club. Like mama said, you know it when you see it.  Always a conversation starter,  I am now back for my fourth bag.  The count is now 2 Isabellas, 1 Maggie, 1 Bella.  Prepared for any season, any capacity, any palette.  Keep it up!!



Thank you!  I love my new Danny K items.  The purse is going to be perfect for my new iPad!  Thank you so much for great products of really high quality and wonderful customer service.  



Hi Justin, thanks again for taking my order and getting me the original Maggie bag.

A couple years ago while I was sitting around wasting my time at jury duty, I saw a lady with the Maggie Purse in the festival design and really liked it.  Not being shy, I asked about the purse and she let me check it out, and showed me the zipper pull with Danny K name on it.  This is probably the only good thing I ever got out of jury duty.   I ordered it as soon as I got home.  Thankfully in our area we only have to serve one day, unless we get on a trial, and I was outta there shortly after.  I really like this purse, the pockets inside and out fit my needs perfectly.   For many years I have made my own purses as anything I saw in stores just did not fit my needs. I feel for the cost of this purse, it has really been worth the cost.
Normally I would not spend 50 or 70 dollars on a purse.



Justin --
I LOVE my bags!!  I got 2 Bella bags two years ago and have gotten so many compliments on them -- I LOVE that the new model has more pockets.  It's nice having the zipper on the back also, because that's where I keep my money, and it's against my body.
I received the bags so quickly -- thank you for that.


Received the bag and it is the most beautiful bag I have ever purchased from you.
Love it! Love it!




Today my new Tote and my daughter’s iphone case arrived. I never cease to be amazed at how beautiful your products are. I bought the tote in the international kids fabric with the matching wallet. They are perfect. The fabric lines up perfectly where the zippers and outside pocket are. Such great craftsmanship......I guess that is why I keep purchasing Danny K products. Well, that and the fact that you have fantastic customer service  ;-)

My daughter was just thrilled with her iphone case. She was also delighted with the material you lined the inside of it with.
I was disappointed when you told me that you were out of that fabric, but then you said you thought you had enough material to put a iphone case together. (there's that great customer service again) The iphone case looks beautiful.

Thank you so much. I am already planning what I am going to purchase from you next.



The bag arrived today,  Love it.  Nice and roomy, lots of pockets, will hold all my stuff and looks great too.  When it wears out, I will be back.
Thanks for making such a superior product.



Justin -

I absolutely love my new handbag.  It arrived today and I
cannot stop looking at it.  It is even more than expected.

I bought a Mona in the Neptune/Plum, and you made a
shorter strap for me. 

I'm sorry to say the website does not do justice to the
quality of the fabric.  When I received it, I was stunned
to see and touch it.  It is soooo much better in "person."

Thanks again, Justin (and Danny).  This will not be the last
purse I purchase.  I'm thinking of getting a smaller purse
in Ebony for more "formal" occasions.  I also have to look
at the fabrics again, and I may have to buy a "summer"
handbag, too.

Your company is great, and I will tell all who admire my Mona.





Thank you!!!  Good service on top of a quality product! 
I will be watching for the UPS man!
Happy Holidays to you!




       I just received the two backpacks and they are beautiful. Thank you so much for the wonderful craftsmanship, your backpacks hold up so well.



Hi Justin – got it Friday, beautiful work.  I love them.  I’m sending them to my nieces in Denver and Seattle for Christmas gifts and I know they will love them too. 

Merry Christmas!



Got them today and I LOVE them.  I have an organizer and this is my third "Maggie" and I'm thinking about another Maggie soon.  I use my Danny K purses exclusively.   Quality and service is great and I love being kept updated on where my order was in the process.  Keep up the great work!



To Justin,
Your service is GREAT!  I would recommend your website to any of my friends that need a bag and want one that LASTS!!  Thanks for all your help.  Today is Wednesday and my box of lovely purses came!  I was so excited to open it and see the beautiful bags!  They are going to come in so handy in my traveling over winter break time, and throughout the year!!  Can't wait to move things into the backpack one and see how it works for the next few days.
Thanks again for being so prompt.  Also thank you for the coin purse!  I know have a set...backpack, wallet and coin purse.   I will use them with pride and show them off.  What style!



I LOVE the bag I ordered for myself and can't wait to give the other one as a gift soon!
I have gotten many compliments on it and I've only been using it a few days. 
Thank you for making wonderful products with a great selection of fabrics.  I will definitely be ordering more. 



Hi Justin,

Thank you for your attention to my order for my mother-in-law.  I really appreciate it.

You (and Danny) may be happy to know that she showed the bag off at her
bridge gathering and the women absolutely loved it!   I have given your
web page to several friends.

Happy Holidays!


Hi Justin,

I love the bag and the Rachel fabric. This is my fourth Danny K bag.  I prefer fabric bags over other materials, and your quality and fabrics are great.



Hi Justin,

I love my new purses.  I heard about Danny K through my sister, and had not even seen one in person.  They are gorgeous, so well made, and I am so proud that they are made in America.

The order did take almost three weeks, but I understand they are specially made.  Maybe the website stated that it would take that long and I just didn't see it. One of the fabrics ended up being darker in person, than it looked on the internet, so I may exchange it.  Other than that I am delighted, and plan on spreading the word.



It's wonderful!
I've had my new bag about 15 minutes, and I've already set it up.  
It holds my stuff exactly the way I had hoped.  Maggie is the right purse for me.

Thank you,



Enjoying? Ecstatic is more like it! The fabrics are even more lovely than they looked online! I also love your handbags because ordering the same style in different fabrics makes it SO much easier to switch handbags. I used to be a "one handbag for the season" girl because I was too lazy to switch my stuff out. Can't wait to start wearing my new "art"! Thanks much!!!


I love the craftsmanship, fabric and backpack style of the bag. When the new ones are available I hope to order another.  Thanks for everything    ~Cathy~


Thank you all


Hi Justin,

I love my new bags the material is prettier than online
you did a wonderful job :)

Thank you


The bags are terrific.  My daughter has requested that I send her the one I ordered for her now—before Christmas.  She’s excited to put it to use.



Thanks for the update.  I look forward to receiving the pieces, and I know they will be just wonderful.  I have always been impressed by the quality of your goods. The fabrics are beautiful, the workmanship is fantastic, and the styling is classic so the pieces can be used by any age group, for any occasion.  The totes and handbags are so versatile and usable.  They're practical and beautiful.  They always garner compliments.

 As I mentioned, the ASU Art Museum currently carries some of your purses, wallets, eye cases, etc.  However, our buyer/manager is no longer with the shop and I don't know if the new person will continue to stock Danny K merchandise.  But, I will mention that it has always been a good seller and that it is made in America and your website is very user-friendly.



Dear Justin,

My bags arrived earlier this week and I love them.  The Hampton is a little larger than my usual everyday purse so I'm happy you suggested shortening the shoulder strap.  When I walked into the hair salon yesterday and then into work today, people said, "I love your bag; where did you get it?"  As I said to you when I placed my order, the bags speak for themselves, and I have shared your website with all the admirers.  Thank you and Danny for an excellent product and outstanding customer service.



I recently purchased the "Isabella Tote"  at the National Gallery in Washington.  I am thoroughly enjoying using it, and everyday since I got it I have had a compliment on it! One woman came running across a restaurant to ask where I purchased it!!
I am delighted to find the web site, and look forward to a few purchases in the future.  
Thanks for a beautiful product....MADE IN THE USA!    YES!




I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how much I like your bags.
A week of vacation (always in October) in Ocracoke, NC means a stop at the Island Ragpicker. I love choosing one of your bags from the small collection that is left near the end of the season. I am never disappointed; I always find something I like.

I like your web site, too. It's clean and easy to navigate. Keep up the good work.



The more I use it, the more I love it.  It's well made, and has extra pockets that I didn't know I would be getting.  I'm thinking ahead about what I want to order next :)



Dear Justin,

Thank you so much for your attentiveness to my order.  I can't wait to see the bags; I know I will love them!  Your customer service is EXTRAORDINARY and I've already highly recommended Danny K. handbags to others.  I'm sure once they see my bags they will be your newest customers; it was love at first sight for me :)



I love them!  I already had two but couldn't resist the new ones!


Hi Justin,

Oh my GOSH!!!!!  I got it, I got it, and I love it!!!!
Only fair that I should thank you since I bugged you!
Thank you so much!  It TOTALLY made my day!

Thank you again!


Hi Justin,

I was so excited when my two handbags arrived yesterday. As a result of the hand cutting, the bags perfectly complimented the fabric or maybe the fabric perfectly complemented the bags.  In either case, I have decided that your handbags are better than a great haircut.  I used to say  "a great hair cut is better than therapy" but since receiving my new handbags, I have decided that Danny K Handbags are better than a great haircut.  Now with "Handbag Therapy" my only problem is deciding which bag to use tomorrow.   



Wow, that was fast!  I don’t know how you could improve on that!
Thanks, Justin.


This is just stunning!  My big sis (age 67) wears lots of blacks, greys, whites, browns and this will look fabulous on her outings.  I got my other big sis the organizer purse as she travels a lot as well.  What a delight come Christmas!
Thank you!!!


The bag is the perfect replacement for one that I’ve had for the last 11 years.  I never thought that I would find one equal to it.  Service was excellent.



I telephoned you last night to let you know how much I appreciate your backpack purse, but I also want to contribute to your webpage testimonials.

Your bags are simply wonderful, and I cannot emphasize that enough.
I've searched everywhere including online. It wasn't until I found one of your bags and used it that I realized my search was over.
Everything about these bags is spot-on target to what women need. The many pockets, the portable sizes, the organization of the purses themselves not to mention the washable fabrics and delicious color/design selections..well, you or someone sure did intuit what women need in a purse these days.  Thank you.



Hi Justin I got my organizer today and I love it. It's a little taste of beauty in all this granite and wood.

Thanks so much


I have just recently discovered Danny K purses and I love the first one (of many future ones) that I have bought.  Not only is the fabric incredible in the wide selection of colors, but also it is durable and low-maintenance.

Very best part:  Made in the USA.   I had been a fan of another popular fabric purse manufacturer until production left Ohio and went to China.  Never again for me! 



Hi Justin,

I just got my bag today & it's perfect.  I wanted something compact for my trip to Ireland in August & it's the ideal size.  I can just put what I need & nothing more & that's exactly what I wanted.  The fabric is really pretty.

Tell Danny great job once again.

Thanks again,


Hi Justin-
Just received your package and I am thrilled with mine and I hope my friend will love her purses also.  You have a wonderful product!  Thanks for the immediate attention to my order.  Have a great evening!


Just wanted to drop a note, that my daughter received her bag and is absolutely crazy about it.....Thank you!


Dear Justin.......I received my order on Friday and I just have to say how excited I am by my new backpack and accessories!  They are incredibly beautiful and the craftsmanship is superb.  I've been looking for a backpack that wasn't too big, yet not too small and this one is absolutely perfect! 

I'm sure you'll be seeing my name on another order again soon!  Thank you!



I just received the bag I ordered and it is wonderful. I put it right to work and it is perfect for summer. Always buy American!



Got the purses and love them and I know my sisters will too!  I will be back - very unique and I am sure when others see them they will also want to know where we got them from.

Thanks for the quick turnaround and once again - love them!


Hello Justin

Today, my mother received her package and was extremely excited with her purse.  She immediately transferred everything from her old purse to her new Birthday purse.  She absolutely loved the colors and the structure of the purse.

Thank you so very much.


Got it.  Thanks!   I love it!!!  This is my second one.  My other backpack purse is all black that I use a lot in the winter months.  I wanted something more springy and summery and this pattern is perfect!!!  

Thanks again!


Hi Justin,    Wanted to let you know that I had received my beautiful Maggie Bali and thanks to you for the free shipping charges!  One of these days I’ll send you a picture of my two daughters, two nieces and myself with all of our Danny Ks - 14 to be exact!  (At the present time!)  And it’s really because of the impression the handbags made on 2 of us at the National Museum in DC.  I have to comment on the precision in cutting and placing of the tapestry design in each handbag.  That makes them outstanding!  Thank you for your time and kind words and I’ll look forward to doing business with you again one of these days.



I have recieved my 3 bags, they are lovely- 2 are gifts for family, and of course 1 for myself!!



I am truly impressed with your response and service – I will be placing future orders with you for the Holidays – it was such a pleasant experience – easy shopping and you take care of your Customers keeping me informed.

Warm regards -



Hi Justin,
Just a note to let you know my sister and I love our Hampton purses. She took it to Church and it was a big hit. Good work Danny!!!



I just got my order of handbags – OMGeorgeous! The tote bag is stunning – I’m so glad I was able to snatch the last one in your inventory! The internal control of the length of the strap on the Bella purse is brilliant. The fabrics are beautiful, and the care with how you cut the pieces into the pattern of the fabric is obvious.

I’m in serious danger of becoming addicted to buying purses.  

I do have a question though – are these treated for stain resistance with anything? Is there a stain repellant product you would recommend I could treat the bags with so they don’t get soiled with use?

Thank you for making such high quality, beautiful handbags at such reasonable prices!

Kind regards,



Jolene loves the bag.  Now, my mother's birthday is Saturday, so I'm going to let her pick her fabric, and I'll order one for her too.  I'll definitely need to get one for me while I'm at it.  Thanks for making such beautiful products.



Hi Justin, I love the bag and two of my friends were with me when it arrived and they will be ordering the summer bags as well.  Thanks for producing such stylish and high quality backpacks.

Kind regards,


Hi--just had to let you know that my purses arrived last Friday and I love them!!!!!!!!!!  The fabrics are great quality and the size is perfect----I especially like the adjustable strap.  I plan to order several more purses for my special friends for birthday and Christmas gifts.  Thank you so much---you have made my shopping easier from now on.



It arrived today and I love it!!



WOW. I just received my THIRD Danny K backpack in the mail yesterday (my third since 2004) and once again I am getting huge compliments on my new bag. Keep up with the amazing art work and craftsmanship. Could you send me a couple more catalogs to give to friends and family?

Thank you,


I am SO impressed by your customer service--you helped me find the bag I wanted on line, and updates on the order--Wow!




The bag arrived today – Tuesday.  I love it.  Thank you so much.  I’ll recommend the bag and your company to my friends.

Thank you.



Received the order and they are just as I imaged them to be.  I love the size (I live out of my purse – it goes absolutely everywhere with me and holds everything imaginable).  I love all the individual spaces and pockets so that I know exactly where I put things – no more fumbling in the bottom.  And, now I can change with the seasons.  I’ll never buy another brand.  The quality can’t be beat.  Please don’t change.

My mother has a smaller purse that I had previously ordered from you and says it’s the best purse she’s ever had (and, boy, has she had a lot!).

Thank you again,


Hi Justin,

I found the Danny K zipper purse I wanted and I LOVE it. I was in Portsmouth NH last week with three friends on a "gals only" three day trip and lo & behold we went in "Worldly Goods" and there was the bag calling to me!!! The pattern is Neptune Purple which is gorgeous. The shop is lovely, everything displayed invitingly and the sales woman extremely nice. She also said they are doing very well with your line & had just placed a large spring order. You can be assured your product is in a great location as well as a busy waterfront town.
Thanks again for all your patience and help. I will spread the word about the Danny K bags.



I wanted to write with a thank you for a great purse at a great price, and MOST of all thanks for making your purses here in the USA!
I look for products that are made in the USA, as they are diminishing. So I go out of my way to purchase American made, especially handcrafted items.
And I am particular about the functionality as well the design and of course I am working class so value is important. I love the tapestry fabrics.
Thanks again!
(I purchased mine from a non-profit gift shop in a local hospital in CA.)



    My wife loves these things.  Thanks for providing me with a great Christmas present.



I have been on a quest for probably 60 years looking for the perfect purse and decided there was no such thing ... but I think I've found it!!!

The wallet is for my daughter.  She has worn out two of your wallets ... and I'm still on my first one ... and has been looking for a substitute.  I can hardly wait to give this to her ... she will love it.  I wish mine had that little protecting strap for the credit cards.

You'll most likely be hearing from me again.

Sincerely and thankfully


I recommend your beautiful handbags to everyone I know.  I now have 5 of them!
FYI, I especially appreciate how well they are made and that they are made in the USA. 

Thank you,


I have to say I just love the craftsmanship of your purses and usually always get a matching wallet.  Times being what they are I had to at least have the new color.
People often tell me they love my purse so you’re doing something right.



Justin I started to buy your bags when i saw them…over 20 years ago.  I have many of your very large totes, the size you don't even make anymore.  I also have one that was the size of a carry on weekender bag that unclipped on the sides to make it larger.  I have many of your purses and many of your backpacks too.  But my story is so unique and I love to tell it.  I had several Danny K totes and in 1992 when my daughter started college she took one of my totes and used it as a book bag.  I was so upset because I thought she would ruin it.  It was so sturdy, it was washed many times and it always came out looking great.  My daughter decided to go on to get her masters and used that bag another 2 years for school.  Do you realize how heavy college books are?  The bag held up and she still has it.  She is now married with two children and visits the harvest festivals here in California, her up north and me southern California.  Because of her great experience, she bought new totes and used them as diaper bags for her two babies, toy bags for when they go on outings. Given them as gifts to her inlaws.   I still use my over nighter bag for weekend trips and I covet and treasure my huge bags that you no longer make.  I know I have over a dozen Danny K bags and I love them all. 



The bags are beautiful and just as good as I expected.  I admit to being rough on bags and shoes.  The first bag I bought (because of the pattern – Beach) still looks good and I’ll use it again next summer.  I’ve paid twice as much for one or two other brands and they don’t hold up nearly as well as this one.  I’m using the large one (Isabella) now.  I wanted something for winter.  The small one (Maggie) is for a special occasion later.  This large tote holds absolutely everything I have to carry around and everything has a place.  I never have any trouble finding things.  I’m extremely pleased with the way they look and feel.  If these hold up as well as my first purchase, then I’ll eventually order other patterns.  I don’t particularly care for the geometric patterns but I like many of the others.

Thank you very much for your follow-up email and for keeping me informed during the process.



Hello Justin-  
I received my beautiful handbag today!!  Love it.  Thanks.




Yes, my Neptune Plum Tote was delivered. Beautiful! I'm so thrilled to have it and show it off to everyone! It really made my day! I can't decide which I love more, the tote or the maggie! LOL So, I'll love them both the same along with the matching coordinates!
Thank you for putting such quality into a fun and exciting product! Every woman needs to have a bag, and I'm glad I've purchased these! Beautiful, wonderful work! I love them. Can't wait to order my next one!



I have just placed an order for yet another handbag from DannyK and can't wait to receive it.  I have been buying DannyK for at least 12 years and bought my first bag at a craft fair in California.  I have used nothing else ever since.  I own 7 bags, have given away 2, and still have the very first one I purchased.  I wash them in the washing machine and they look brand new. 

I constantly receive compliments on my bags and happily give people your web address.  Please keep up the wonderful work.



Received it today and I must say.....LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!!  This is my 4th purchase and they only get better!

Thank you,

Happy Customer!!!


 I want to thank you for the great attention you folks gave my order.  The person I spoke with when I placed the order was so kind and all the follow up was most appreciated.  Sue received the bag yesterday and called to say how pleased she was to get it.  It was a pleasure doing business with you and I look forward to the next time.  Thank you.



I purchased one of your backpacks in Ginza at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC over a year ago. I have used it nearly every day and it still looks brand new. I receive complements on it every time I carry it. I am thrilled to be adding to my collection of these thoughtfully designed and beautifully crafted handbags.



I LOVE the purse!!  The fabric is beautiful -- although a little more gold/glitter coloring than I had anticipated.  But I'm keeping it because I know I'll find the perfect occasion/season for it.  It just means I'll need to order 1 or 2 more!!  I'm debating among several fabrics, I'll call before re-ordering to get a first-hand consultation about colors.

And I love the design of the purse as well.  I've been using Brighton organizer purses for several years, but your design puts theirs to shame!!

I'm telling all of my friends -- hopefully it will result in numerous new orders!!

Thanks for offering such fabulous products!



I got it and I just want to say, the fabric is wonderfull, I just love it!



Dear Justin,
   I received my handbag last week and I just love it. Since I already have one of your handbags, I'm well aware of the quality and beauty of your handbags.  I have already been asked where I found such a nice purse.  You produce a product that you can be very proud of and I will be a return customer in the future.
   One thing I would like to know, how often do you make fabric changes? The quality of the fabric tops anything I've seen in any handbag.  Thanks so much for continuing to be a top of the line producer of the finest handbags on the market.



Dear Justin,

I just want to let you know that the backpack arrived yesterday - and it is lovely.  I will derive much pleasure in using it.  Thank you for the beautiful and quick work.

With regards,


Thank You for your exceptional quality workmanship and excellent customer service/delivery.





Hi Justin,

A few weeks ago I purchased a Maggie bag at the Smithsonian gift shop in Washington, DC.

I have received more compliments about this purse than I have on anything I have ever worn.  Not a day goes by that I don't get a comment.

Would you please send me a dozen or two business cards with your web
site on it?  I have been telling people to go to  
But I think giving them a card would be better so they would always have it.

I just placed an order for my second Maggie bag.  I love the styling because I can fit everything in and the bag still looks slim.  Great design!




I am in handbag heaven! Once again, the bags and accessories are gorgeous, the craftsmanship is superb, the designs are so practical and yet so stylish. I can really tell that someone put some real thought into their construction; it makes me feel special to carry them. And I never tire of being complimented on my good taste! The bags are my beautiful jewel-toned treasure!

Thanks so much,


Thank you for your lovely e-mail.  The service was seamless, the site easy to navigate.

I love the bags.  They are a work of art.  I was going to order several more for gifts.  And I've already introduced your bags to others.

I am interested in the Hampton Purse, but I don't know what the length of it’s strap is.  So if you could let me know the length of this bag, I'd appreciate it.



Dear Justin,

The package arrived today.  Thank you for such exquisite products!  The wallets are
beautiful and so well made!

I will definitely order again.



Thanks again!  I think this is my 6th Danny K. handbag.  I just love them and I always get so many compliments from people when they see them.  Keep up the great work.




Just wanted to thank you and let you know my new handbag I ordered arrived.  It has really nice colors as I ordered it for a "summer" bag.  I called and ordered it over the phone and the lady that helped me was friendly and very courteous. It also was received within 5 days after placing the order.  Great job and great handbags -- keep it up as I'll be buying more.



Dear Justin:

Ladies are very precise about their handbags - I'm sure you know that!  We can look from store to store, thru hundreds of bags, and come out empty. 

When I visited Mendocino last August I found a lovely shop and your handbags...bought one, then had to go back the next day for the larger one in the fern/ruby pattern.  The smaller one has been with me since I came home & now I need a brighter one for the Summer so will purchase either on line, or I see you are at a local store here in Old Town which is great.  They are "THE" perfect purses for me.  The small one I've used for so long looks brand new - no sign of wear at all.



The bag is lovely!  It's the second Danny K bag I own, and just like the first one, I get frequent compliments on it. Thanks!



Got my bag and I love it.  Thanks for your super customer service.  I will be a returning customer for sure.



They are divine!  I am excited & look forward to using them on my upcoming vacation (the backpack will be perfect for travel) & for years to come.
I'll be ordering again soon; too many beautiful fabrics & styles to stop with just two!
Thanks again & much continued success to you.



I recently exchanged a Bella purse for a Maggie purse and I just wanted to commend you on your great customer service.  I can't believe how fast I got it plus getting a personal call from Danny about fabrics showed he really cares about his customers.  I love my new bag, the size is perfect.  Keep up the good work and I'll definitely tell my friends about your great bags!

Thanks again,


The handbag has arrived, and it’s quite wonderful.  Thanks.



Mr. Wilner--The purses & accessories are beautiful--as usual!
What wonderful quality and customer service.  Thank you so much.




I just want to tell you how much I love my bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I received it today and am so pleased.  You have been fabulous to work with and I appreciate you making the exchange for me.

Enjoy your weekend and just know you made a customer very happy!!



I AM NOT a purse person. I have only purchased 20 handbags in my 48 years. I go for quality and classic style. I use them over and over. It works for me. One day at work, a lady came in with THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PURSE I have EVER seen. I had to ask about it. It was yours. Beautiful. Classic. I'm so impressed I'm doing something I HAVE NEVER DONE BEFORE...I getting 3 at one time!!!!!!!!!!! I know some handbags that are going to be last.

Kindest Regards,



Just to let you know, I received the Capri backpack in "Ginza" a couple of weeks ago, just in time for our mini-vacation.  I absolutely LOVE it!! It is both beautiful and functional.  I have received several compliments on it.





Just got home and opened my package - I love my new purse.
Your service was extremely fast, I expected to wait a week or two.

Thank you,


Hi Justin-
My tote in "prism" arrived today, and I LOVE IT!!!

Thank you so much - and also for calling to clarify if I wanted it 2-tone with black.
I'm so glad I got it all prism.  It is exactly what I was hoping for!  I will definitely be back in the future!

Have a great day,


I discovered your purses in downtown Grass Valley in a store called Yuba Blue.  I thought I found a unique little purse and got lots of compliments (even from men).
I've been surprised how many people now know about your purses and recognize them right away from the patterns.  I've also turned on some other people and have directed them to your website-- at least one has placed an order.  I will now own 3 of your purses with this order.

Thanks and keep up the good work.



I absolutely love your bags!  I bought the backpack, wallet and another piece…in San Jose.  I'm so glad I ordered these other pieces to go with the backpack.
Thank you for the great product!!!


Hi, Justin.  I got my Justine Backpack today and love it!!

Thank you!!



I love my new bag. I am a pansy freak and just had to have the purse!


Thank you so much!   I am looking forward to my new order.  I'm so pleased with my previous order;  the tote bag and wallet, I've received many, many compliments and inquiries.  Please continue the great work!!



I purchased a Danny K handbag a few months ago at Frederick Meijer Gardens. It's simplicity and functionality have made it my favorite purse! I love the outside pocket where my cell phone is easily accessible and I love the smaller size as I am not a large, tote carrying purse kind of gal! I also love the feature of lengthening the strap. Very clever!  Thank you for a USA made product that I proudly use!!



Justin, I got your message and promptly called!  I spoke with your assistant Sherly, who was an absolute delight to speak with.  You had exactly what I wanted, 2 of the organizer purses in the Neptune black!  I'm getting one for my mother.  My mom hasn’t even seen it yet, all I did was tell her about it and immediately she wanted one.  I have been looking the planet over for something like this!  I hope you know, you ruined it for everybody else!!!!!  You are so incredibly awesome.  I can't wait to get them.  Sherly mentioned that the way to qualify for free shipping was with on-line orders (at least that how I understand it).  I told her that as I understood it, it
would be with any purchase of a $100.00 or more, and also indicated that you said that these particular bags are available by phone only.  I hope you can waive it as I am unemployed due to layoff, since October, and haven't been able to find any work, and at this time I'm looking into going to school full time, hopefully when I'm done, the economy will be better.  You have been such a blessing to me, you have no idea.  Thanks so much for responding to my email and I'm wishing you and yours all the best.



Dear Mr. Wilner;

Thank you!  I received the order and the bag and wallet are so beautiful!  They hold so much, yet are comfortable to wear.  I'll be sure to tell my friends!

Happy New Year!





Hello Justin,

I told Danny I would send you a testimonial about how great your bags are.

I purchased a wonderful backpack purse from Danny and Justin about five years ago.  Since my son was born in May 2006, it's been a godsend of beautiful durability and functionality, leaving both hands (and arms) free to snuggle or now catch my very fast and wiggly son.  This is hands down the best purse for new moms and can even double as a mini diaper bag for quick trips.



Hi Justin.
First, all the women in my family love your bags! We call ourselves the ‘fabulous tapestry bag club,’ so thank you for making such nice products!

Do you expect to have the ‘Festival’ fabric again, and if so do you know when? I would like to put a bag made from it on my Christmas list, and if you all will be getting any more of it I can ask for an iou. <:o)



Hi Justin,  I purchased a Zipper Purse last weekend in Hartford…I can't tell you enough how much I LOVE the purse. I have purchased many expensive designer handbags over the years and never have I been as satisfied as I am with this bag. It's light, convenient to get in and out of, holds more than you think and is very pretty.
My husband would like to purchase another one for me for Christmas. I would like something for the summer.

Again thanks for making a nice light convenient handbag.




The bag came and it is great!  This is my fourth Danny K bag, but the first I have purchased from online.  I will be treating myself to more very soon.  I love your wide array of fabric choices!




I just received my order today (post office was holding my mail while on vacation)
and wanted to THANK YOU. 

I just love everything you make and it is hard to choose so I guess I'll just have to keep getting them as long as you keep making them.

Thank you again,



Dear Justin,

I did get the bag (and accessories) and I am loving them.  I am amazed at the quality of the workmanship on these items.  I've wanted a tapestry tote for a long time, and have even purchased and returned a couple because they didn't live up to my vision of "tapestry".  Mine, however, is just what I've wanted.  Thanks so much.  Also, I want you to know about something else I appreciate.  I placed my order for the tote and thought I was done.  Then I looked at the cell phone holder and the cosmetic bag and wanted them, too!  I placed another order, understanding I would just have to pay shipping twice.  Then, a wonderful employee of yours called me to say she had noticed this and would be happy to combine the orders and refund my additional shipping cost.  It's really unusual to find that kind of customer service anymore and I applaud your company for it. 

Thank you,


Dear Justin,
     I just wanted you and your company to know that I am a first time buyer of your purses. I was in Ogunquit, Maine in a lovely gift shop and saw your bags. I rarely buy anything from a gift shop because they're usually expensive. But when my Mom and I
saw your beautiful black tapestry bag, I "had to have it!" So I bought it and have received several compliments on it. It's a small zippered bag with a few pockets, and I'm enjoying it thoroughly. Of course the absolute main reason I bought it (and the second thing that caught my eye) was the "USA" made tag. I will pay more to have USA made items, and of course you cannot beat our quality. Does the Miriam Hospital in Providence,RI really sell your bags? Christmas is coming so I'll be thinking about buying more.
     I just wanted you to know how much I like your product. Keep up the good work!



I just received the two Organizer Purses that I recently ordered.  They are both beautiful and I look forward to using them.  Your staff was most helpful and I appreciate the time and courtesy shown me. 

Most sincerely,
~Carol ~


Just wanted to let you know I received the backpack today, and it is gorgeous! Definitely worth waiting for.  Thank you so much.



Dear Justin,

Thanks for your message--I bought a Danny K backpack at the National Gallery of Art in DC last winter, took it to India with me and got all kinds of raves from Indians as well as others, all of whom thought it must be a new local design that they hadn't seen--and they all wanted to know where they could get one!

Just thought you might find this amusing.



Hi Justin,
I wanted you to know that I got the accessories yesterday and love that new fabric!  I took my new bag to the city this past weekend and it was wonderful.  Nice and light, elegant looking and lots of fun pockets.  My husband even noticed it and said how nice it was... There's a first... ha ha!!  Anyway, just wanted to drop you a note and say thanks…for my accessories and for the great new bag!  I just love your bags...  Now let's see which one I get next... ha ha!!

Have a great day!


Justin, a funny story. The reason I went online to look for tapestry bags is because 3 years ago I was in Palm Springs and bought a tapestry bag at the swap meet. That bag has been thru hell and high water in my travels and is still beautiful, I just needed a change.  After finding your site I investigated several other sites but liked your bags better.  Its funny I never even considered looking inside my old bag to see what brand it was.  When I did I found out it was a Danny K.  I guess its Karma.  I’m supposed to own a Danny K. Thanks for continuing your fine products. As you know I love them.  Kim
PS...I also got the order in 3 days!


Mr Wilner
I love my bags!  will definitely order more!  and your service is great-my order came so quickly!
thanks much


I just got the bag (the Maggie purse in the Festival tapestry) and it’s fabulous! I love it! The design is perfect, the tapestry is beautiful, and the construction is flawless – you guys are awesome! I just can’t stop looking at it; it is so cool.
Thanks so much. Expect more orders from me… J



Thanks Justin.  I especially love the wallet.  Very cool!  I really love your products.  They're so well made and beautiful too.  And I really appreciate how quickly you fixed the buckle on my purse when I sent it back a little while ago.  That was partly why I decided to go ahead and order the wallet and eyeglass case.  Great products!  Thanks again!



Thanks for checking in!  My sister, Laura just called and loved the bag.  She is bound to get much enjoyment and use from it as I have from mine.  My daughters love theirs, too!
You guys are doing a great job!



Mr. Wilner,

I received my 2 bags (tote and backpack) yesterday and I love them both.  They were just what I wanted.

Thank you for the prompt service.  I will definitely be buying more bags.  



Hi, Justin.

I just received the new bag I ordered! I can’t believe how quickly I received it. I figured that I would see it next week, given that I ordered it over the recent Memorial Day holiday.

This is the fabric (ruby fern) that first caught my eye on your website, but initially I thought I would not use a red purse often enough, so my first bag was a lovely black that goes with everything. Next I needed a summer purse. Finally, I decided that I HAD to have that ruby fern purse, and I am so delighted with it. Your work is so professional, absolute top-notch quality.

Many thanks! I’m recommending you to EVERYONE!



I am so pleased with my order ! (one for me, one for my mother-in-law)  She loves her bag, and I don't see how I lived without mine.  The thing that still amazes me is how quickly you filled the order.

The handbags look like they'll last forever, but I look forward to ordering from you again as soon as I can justify it!  The only thing I'd like you to work on is distribution; I wanted to see a bag in person before ordering and the places I checked (in Chicago, and at the Green House in Pasadena) were always out of stock because your products are so popular.



What a delight to find your bags at the Washington, D.C. National Gallery of Art.   I couldn't resist..... had to buy a lovely tote bag....

Thanks Danny K....  I love your products. 




The handbag is gorgeous!  I just love the color!  It's absolutely perfect!  I can't decide if I will use the smaller width strap or the wider width strap as yet, but I now have my fourth set of Danny K products.

Thank you so much for your wonderful service and product.

I will wear them proudly.



Here's a bit of customer feedback - I purchased one of your bags from a vendor at the Charleston (SC) market because, even though I travel with a tote bag and a wristlet, I needed something in-between that I could use cross-body to keep my hands free. I've actually been looking for the "perfect" travel purse off and on for a couple of years, but it was difficult for me to find one that wasn't too bulky, but could hold all the small items I need for day-tripping like phone, digital camera, money, and cosmetics.  The size and organization of the small zip bag were just right, and I loved that I could adjust the strap from long to short.  So this is actually my second Danny K bag.  I'm looking forward to receiving it!

Kind regards,


Hi Justin,
I "just" want to tell you how much my sister LOVVVVED her purse.  I have sent her gifts through the years (we are both seniors) and have NEVER had such a reaction to any other gift.  She has been answering all kinds of questions about this "Danny K" person.  All of her immediate family and her circle of friends are impressed by the quality and design of your product.
Keep up the good work, and when ever I can.....I'll be back!



I just got my bags and wanted to tell you that the quality and workmanship is wonderful!  The fabric selections are beautiful but, the pockets & organization features are the real bonus!  I originally was drawn to this style because of the long strap-I like to drape it across my body to be hands free & it's rare you find that feature in stores.   I will definitely recommend your company to friends. That they are made in the US is even better.

Thank you. 



Thank you for such great service and such beautiful bags.  BRAVO!!

~Victoria and Jill ~


I originally found you in a shop in Arizona that sells music boxes and your line while visiting relatives.  I live in Elkton, Maryland close to Delaware.  I have given your name out to several people and sent them the link to your website.

I now have a larger purse, a medium and small purse, and a carry bag and love them all.  I am always getting compliments on them.  Thanks,



Arrived today - I believe it is unreservedly perfect!

Justin, I thank you for your patience & forbearance as I struggled to decide which fabric would suit me.

Your customer service is top notch, and the quality of the bag is unsurpassed. I am further delighted that the tag "Made in U.S.A." is on a product that can stand alongside excellent craftsmanship anywhere.

In my opinion this entire transaction -from start to finish- transcended expectation.

Best wishes from your devoted and life-long customer –



Hi Justin,
The UPS man just delivered my small zipper purse. I love it!!!
It's just what I needed. I really appreciate the easy way your web site works.
I shop regularly on line because I live in a very rural area. Your web site gives me all the info and photos that I need to make my purchasing decision.
Thank you again. I will be a repeat customer and I'm spreading the word too.



Hi Justin,
 Got my order and as usual everything was perfect.  This is my fourth Organizer, I  would have bought  more sooner but they last so darn long.  Thank you for a wonderful product.  Are you every going to come out with solid colors for the organizer?  I travel for business almost every week and each of my older organizers  have gone at least 100,000 miles with me on flights.

Thank you again,



I did get the bag and I love it!! Can't wait to  use it next week when I travel.  I am trying to figure out what the fabric is.  Is it suede that has been embroidered?  It feels like suede. I have emailed your website to friends, hopefully they will like the bags as much as I do.

And it’s MADE IN THE USA!!!!!!  Yippee.  Thank you for that.



Used it yesterday on a jaunt to the city - wonderful!!!!


Wow... you guys are awesome.... My merchandise was delivered today.... Amazing service.  I have been a satisfied customer of yours for many years, and each time, you exceed my expectations. I am excited about all of the new materials and patterns.  The Maggie configuration is not only beautiful, but very functional.  Keep up the great work!



Justin & Danny,

Returned home from our Maui Trip. I used my Christmas gift (tote bag) as a carry-on on the plane. It worked perfect and fit nicely under the seat in front of me.

I had packed and planned to use my Danny K backpack around the island.
Instead the tote went everywhere with me. I was able to fit both of my digital camera's and camera accessories in it along with my wallet, cell phone, sun glasses, umbrella (rainy season) etc.  It went with me on two Whale watching trips, A Luau, Trip around the Island, Fine Dining, Shopping, beach, EVERYWHERE! I just can’t believe how much I can fit into it.
And it is comfortable to carry on my shoulder.

I thank you for designing such a beautiful, functional Tote. And I thank my sister for buying it for me.



Bags arrived! They're beautiful!  Now I need to spend an hour or so organizing and then trying to remember what is where.
You people do terrific work!



Thank you. I got it yesterday...It is beautiful and just what I wanted. It is nice to do business with people who provide quality and service. Thanks again.



Thanks for providing me with such a unique and personal gift to give for Christmas. The girls had a great time viewing the website and choosing their favorite fabrics, purse style and accessories. It was fun for all of us and so convenient.

Everyone just loves the products and they are telling all their friends!


Dear Justin....

My new Organizer bag came in today.  As much as I loved your older style Organizer, this new one outdistances that one by far!!

The colors are fantastic...even better than on my computer monitor....More pockets than before!!  Gracious amount of room in the credit card section!!  I could go on and on, but, golly, there is just room for EVERYTHING I could possibly need to carry with me...

Quality??  OUTSTANDING!!  I didn't possibly think you could do better than the older model, but you did!!  All I could say when I took it out of the box was.........WOW!!
Cannot thank you enough!


I love them!! I was really worried when my original bag began to show wear that I wouldn't be able to find one I liked as much. Then I went on line (thank goodness you put your name in the bags) and found my new one. Now I am thinking of all of the beautiful new fabrics and I might just have to order a second bag in a different color. Thank you for making my choices so much fun.

…I have shown my new purse to many friends and I am promoting your web site. I would like to make sure your company prospers and grows. Thanks for the e-mail and I wish you solvency for the new year.



Wallet received a couple of days ago.  It was every bit as beautiful as I was hoping for.  Thank you.



I love it! The fabric is gorgeous and the workmanship excellent (as always!) Thanks.



Got it last night. Another beautiful handbag!



Your creations are great!!  I have many times had someone come up to me and ask if my handbag was a Danny K?   My first one is made with the evening star design or one like it.  I have used it for quite a few years already.  It had held up very well.  Now I am looking forward to using the new one....although I hate to let go of my first one!!!
Happy New Year



Dear Justin,

I have to tell you how much I love the Danny K organizer purse I have. My mother gave it to me as a gift 8 years ago. She also bought herself an identical one.  We both still carry them. It can be confusing when we are together because we pick up the wrong purses all the time. Mine often goes into a bigger tote as my wallet when I am traveling. I have used it continually since she gave it to me. It is convenient and is hands down my favorite. The label in mine is so faded that I was worried I could not find your web site for another one for my mom's birthday.  I am looking forward to shopping and maybe finding us another pair of purses to last us another 8+ years.





Dear Justin & Danny,

My daughter quizzed me about gift ideas for Christmas. The only thing I could think of wanting, was a Danny K Tote for my upcoming trip to Hawaii. I found out that my daughter was quizzing me for my sister who lives out of state. My sister called you and ordered the Tote, my daughter brought it over on Christmas Day.  I love the Tote! It will be perfect for taking on the plane. The inside is big and roomy and zips shut so nothing will fall out should the tote fall over on the plane. The outside pockets will be great for slipping in plane tickets, ipod, and cell phones. They will provide quick and easy access. It is very well made.

Again, Thank you!


We gave the first bag we ordered as a Christmas gift and it was a BIG hit.  So I had to order more for next year (I tend to start and end my shopping early).  Thanks for making such nice purses.  My only problem is selecting the fabric I want.  You have so many lovely ones to choose from.



Thanks so much!  The package arrived and all the bags are beautiful.
The service is superb! 



Just received my new handbag and wallet and as usual, they are magnificent!!  I have been purchasing bags from you for approximately 10 years and have never been disappointed.  Also, I have referred several friends and they are just as pleased.  Keep up the great work!



You guys are the best!  It is so refreshing to do business with a professional.  I know my wife will love it.  I am giving it to her for Christmas.



I received the bags today and love them!  I'll be giving more of these as gifts in the future.
Thank you.



Hi Justin,
I just wanted to tell you how nice it was to meet you today... I just love all the cute bags and accessories I bought today...  I'm tempted to keep the large bag for myself... ha ha!!  Your bags are great!  I tried the Maggie bag with the larger strap and I think it's brilliant... It stays on the shoulder so much nicer.  Anyway, I will probably order myself a few more things online... =)  I just wanted to say Hi and Thank you!!!  It was great to meet you and I love your products...

Have a good holiday!


And Justin....thank you to you and your "team".  I LOVE my new bag, and believe me I will be showing it off and recommending you to family and friends.  The composition of the purse/backpack is perfect, and the workmanship is outstanding.  I've only used it for one day, and have already had compliments.....not the least of which was from my husband; he admired the choice of fabric.
I feel fortunate to have found you.



My purse came today and it is beautiful! I've never spent that much on a purse, but I'm getting married next month and I wanted to have something special for the honeymoon. I'm an artist myself with my own business, so I like to support other artists and craftsmen. I called last week on the 26th, and explained to the woman who took my order that I'm leaving this week for Pennsylvania. She promised it to me by Monday and here it is!  Thank you so much for your prompt delivery.



I really like the Backpack.
The pattern is as pretty in real life as it is in the picture & the quality of the fabric is very good.
I love the design of the bag- the fact that it can also be used as a shoulder bag also.
I like the inside of the bag as well- my wallet fits in the middle & pockets for check books & other things.
I will definitely recommend your company.



I just wanted to let you know I received my order today and I simply love it! 
Thank you so much.
I know my Mother-in-law will love it, as I plan to give it to her for Christmas.


Just received my new bag.  Thank you for the amazing fast service and beautiful quality of your work.  I am a customer for life!


HI Justin,
I can't thank you enough for your fabulous customer service, communication and beautiful handbags and accessories. I purchased a backpack style handbag from you on 9/15 and I absolutely LOVE it! I had to have the matching cell phone case. I have added your website to my favorites and look forward to doing business with you again.
Best Regards,



Yesterday I purchased my "Maggie Purse" from you...
Tonight I had the opportunity to break in the purse at a social function. I love it! The large open compartment in the front with the hidden pockets is great for easy access to my cell phone and keys. I love the Neptune/Black material.  The inside actually holds quite a lot.
Now I own a backpack, maggie purse, two coin purses, cell phone case and wallet. I am totally sold on your products! Great craftsmanship, well thought out designing, and your fabrics are very, very nice. I look forward to my next purchase from you.
Thank you Danny K and Justin



Got the tote & I LOVE IT!!!!  LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!!!!
I just might get it in a back pack!!!  I'll let you know!


I just received my beautiful backpack and phone case (evening star).
I absolutely love them. I already took them with me shopping. The
backpack is so light and roomy, I like how the phone case clips on the
outside. I am very picky about my backpacks and purse's. Yours are
WONDERFUL! Your fabrics are beautiful. The quality is exceptional.

You can bet I will be buying more of your products in the future, and
referring you to all my friends.

It was a pleasure doing business with you.

Thank you!

I am really impressed on how quickly you shipped it to me. I placed my
order late evening on the 5th and had it in my hands on the 8th.

Great service, beautiful bag!
Thanks very much,

I received it today!!!  That was fast!!
The items I ordered were perfect!!
Thank you so much!

I live in Rancho Bernardo - San Diego, CA. I own 2 of your bags, which I love, & have taken on
trips all over the country. I love your backpack, and recently returned from San Miguel Allende,
Mexico where I spent 2 weeks traveling with a group of students from San Diego City College.
The bag never left my back. Your backpacks are glamorous!


With delight, I want you to know I discovered your line of handbags
today. I noticed a lady in the restaurant with a "Route 66" handbag
which I really like, and she told me of the manufacturer. I am delighted
that they are made in the USA, they are washable and just really
appreciate your line of products. I want to know if you have any
Route 66 handbags still for sale. There are several samples of material that I
have, in my mind, earmarked for friends. What a pleasure. Please let
me know about the Route 66 bags please. I plan to share your website
with others. Thanks again.

Just got the bag. I LOVE it. Thank you.

I received my bag very quickly and I love it. Have received multiple compliments on it
already. I have also passed on to my friend Cheryl the opportunity to have free shipping
for making the referral. That is a wonderful gesture.
Thank you again for providing such terrific service and such a quality item.

Thank You. Love the bag, arrived at my home yesterday August 3. The
beach scene is just lovely, look forward to many years of usage with
the beautiful tote. Thank You!


I received my Amethyst tote bag yesterday! It is gorgeous! I am so happy to have a bag big and
beautiful enough to hold all my usual purse items plus a book, water bottle, etc. . .! It is also very
nice to have the matching cosmetic bag for miscellaneous items. I just ordered the same two
items in the pink Flower Power fabric - great bags to use for the rest of the summer!

Thanks for your patience with my two returns. I have now found the perfect product from your line
for my big bag lifestyle!

I also very much appreciate that all of your products are made here in the U.S.A. I do my best to
shop from local businesses as much as possible - and no big chain stores for me!

Lastly, the lady who called me to get my credit card information (for my first return item) was very
nice and professional. Excellent customer service is becoming exceedingly rare these days, and I
sincerely appreciate her professionalism and kindness. I wish that I could remember her name,
but she did say she was the person who usually calls the customers for such issues, so maybe
she is your only able assistant!

I wish you a great rest of the week.

Take care,


The tote I ordered from Danny K came in a few days ago, and I love it!!!!!!!

It's such a beautiful color, and the workmanship is the best I've ever seen. You have a real quality
product that should make everyone in Danny K very proud of.

Best regards,


I just wanted you to know that I have been getting a lot of compliments on my small
backpack I got from you guys earlier this year. (I currently have 2 backpacks and I'm
planning on getting another one!) I've been asked many times where I bought it and
where they can get one of their own. I was wondering if you had any business cards and
if you would be willing to send me some. I live in CT.

Thank you for the wonderful workmanship you put into these bags.

Also, I was wondering when you were going to add the small backpack to your product
info online?

Take care and thanks,

As usual I love my purses. Thank you very much.



A quick note to let you know I LOVE the bags! The craftsmanship is exceptional, the size is
perfect and the bunny fabric is ME!

I cannot thank you enough for all the assistance with placing my order. Everyone was courteous,
professional and really friendly. The order arrived in a timely fashion in good condition.

I have shown your brochure to everyone at work. I hope it results in more orders for your

Thank you, again. It was a pleasure doing business with you.



Hi. Received my order today. Everything is quite lovely. I was uncertain as to what the
craftsman(women)ship would be because I had not seen any of your pieces before, but I was
very happy when I opened the package.
Thank you,

I received my new backpack in the mail and I wanted to tell you how pleased I am with it. I love
the fabric design and texture. It is perfect for my overall needs. I have shown it off at work, and
have already sent three other people your website, as they were very impressed with the design
and quality of your goods. I found your website while browsing the internet in search of a
possible tapestry product - What a Find! I will definitely be singing your praises in Arkansas.


I just wanted to tell you, that I love my new purse. This is my 3rd one, and its quality is
better than ever, and made in America. I checked out some of your competition, and
yours are the top craftsmanship and materials.

When you go to redo these purses, I would like to add one item more to my purse. That
is, a little hook for my keys inside (on top by the closure) to hook my keys on. So they
are easier to find.

Thank you,

Thanks. The service was fantastic and I love the bags. I really appreciate
the help I received over the phone. I will recommend Danny K to my friends
& family.

Looking forward to receiving my new purse. I love the fact that you now put the
adjustable strap on the zipper purse. The other was way too long. Thanks again for
making such a quality item.

Thank you so much for your speedy response. Yes, as a matter of fact, the package was
delivered today.

I am sure that these gifts will be very much appreciated as your bags are absolutely beautiful,
which is why I have purchased four of them in the past month.

Again, thank you for the quick response, I do appreciate it.

~Mary Ann~

Hi Justin,

I got my order yesterday and I'm very pleased with the wallet and backpack.I've already got all
my stuff switched over. The backpack is just the right size, not too big and I like that it's secure.
The wallet has so many pockets, but is still not bulky looking.

I'm thinking of ordering the cell phone case, but want to put my camera in it. It's 4.25 x 2 x 1. I
wanted to know if the cell case has any depth size, or is it two sides sewn together. I think it will
fit either way and if not, I'm sure I can find another use for it.

Thank you so much. You can expect to hear from me again soon.


Hey Justin,

Some time over the weekend, I noticed my backpack has a face on it- see attachment. Pretty
cool . . .I remember you said the material is cut for the best presentation, so do you think this was
an accident, or intentional.

I love my pack and wallet and have received many compliments. I'm awaiting my next order
(some are gifts, although I may have a hard time deciding which to keep for me.)

Hope you had a great holiday!


Hi Justin,

I love the bags! I bought the tote in the red lily fabric about 5
years ago and it still looks great. I use it all the time. I've had
so many compliments on it. I have several of them as well as the large
zipper purses and I just bought the new Maggie Purse. I really like it
Thanks for making such a great product!


I am always telling people about your products because I use your tote, wallet
and glass case every day and have about 8 of your smaller bags for special
occasions (not to mention the coin purses, cosmetic pouches, the backpack and
several other more "vintage" Danny K's in my collection).... I admit it, I am an
accessories addict!!
Anyway, I always get compliments and folks want to know where I find them. I
used to give out your business cards but now I send them to the website so they
can see all the goodies and shop any time.

Thanks again for the great service.

Thank you for such prompt service! I know she will love this purse. I really love mine
and get tons of compliments on it. I'm going to bring your catalog to work with me
because the other women were so interested in your products. Thanks for offering such
high quality, beautiful purses. I wish you much success.


I continue to get many, many compliments on my tote bag with the dark
Gilded Leaf pattern. I use it like a briefcase for work. The cosmetic
cases in the Neptune/Blue and Janelle patterns were also hits as Xmas
gifts to colleagues.

Thanks, Carol

Hi Justin, I LOVE all the purses I bought----the workmanship is over the top--very high quality
with extraordinary attention to detail. I can't wait to give them away as gifts.


Received the cell phone holder and coin purse. My daughter loves her new purse. It is
comforting to know that although she's disabled, she has a purse that is secure as well as
fashionable. Thank you!


Thank you again so much! The package arrived today and I absolutely LOVE the ruby color! I'm
going to repack my bag so that I can use it tonight!

Thanks again,

Hi Justin!
I love my Danny K handbags! I mistakenly ordered a backpack instead of a purse and
called your company to see if I could exchange it. The woman I spoke to was very nice and kept
reassuring me that it wasn't a problem and gave me complete instructions about how to handle
the exchange.
I have used only a Danny K bag for several years now. It's exactly what I like in a purse... many
pockets, durable, doesn't show dirt. And the fact that you followed up about the order just
confirms my belief that I have found the best purses on earth!

The three bags I ordered came in record time.....and they are BEAUTIFUL !!!!!
Thanks, Marty

Hi Danny,
I just received my large zipper purse and love it. Thank you for your generous attention to this exchange request.
Best, Gloria

Hi Justin,

Thank you so much for such prompt and excellent service on shipping the Red Dog
Organizer. Everything looked so perfect (especially the Pug centered so well). I will
definitely be ordering more from you in the future and I will refer many of my
friends to you.

Thanks Again I am so happy.


Hi. I picked out the style and the fabric of a purse from your company and my
husband ordered it as a Christmas gift for me. I just wanted to tell you that I am
happier with this purse than I have been with any purse I've ever owned -and
I've owned a LOT of purses! It is absolutely beautiful and the workmanship is top
quality. In fact, it looks much much better in person than it looked online.

I am really happy with it, and will definitely order another from you in the future.
I have also recommended your products to several of my friends who admired
my purse.

My husband also mentioned that you responded to him via email very quickly
after he placed his order. Thanks for such great work and quick service.

Dr. Wanda

Thank you for the email. Yes I have received my bag and I absolutely love it! I get comments on
it every day. I was concerned that there might not be attention to how the pattern was placed on
the backpack, but it is really beautiful. Thank you for making such a beautiful bag and for making
the ordering/shipping experience painless.


Your bags have been a great sense of pleasure for me and my sister Wenda. She apparently
has been having great fun introducing your bags to her friends in Massachusetts... Thanks
for the great works of art that you create in your bags.

how cool are you? thanks for the follow up...great service is delicious and rare...where is your
company based? if celebrities realized the function of your wallets they would fly off the shelves.
Have you ever considered donating the wallet to the Grammies, espy awards, etc? As a girl, all
you need to do is use it once to realize how great it is...Anyway thanks I love great service....

I want to praise you for your lovely creations. I have been using the wonderful
"organizer" purse for several years. In fact --I think I've purchased and used at
least 5 of the organizer bags. I love it!!!!

I have purchased them in a small shop in Sedona, Arizona -- and was
delighted to find your website.

I carry the bag most of the time -- it is perfect for everyday or exotic travel.
When I travel, I just slip the organizer bag into a larger purse -- and voila -- I'm
off -- without missing a beat. With the organizer I don't have to wonder "where"
I put this or "where" I put that. Everything is at my fingertips.

I don't think I would be exaggerating when I say that almost everyday -- that
I'm out and about -- shopping or whatever --- I am asked "where did you get
that bag? ---you are so organized."

Thank you, thank you. I had planned to buy another during my next trip
to Sedona in a few weeks -- but, now that I've found your web site -- I can tell all
my friends.

Winfield, IL

My new backpack purse is lovely!

This is my second backpack, I wore out the old one, and I own a wallet and cosmetic bag. The
wallet is the best one I've ever owned!!

I am a fan, and send your company information to folks who compliment me on the beautiful

Thanks for the great service!!

Best regards,

It arrived and I love everything! Thanks so much for your great products and service!

I just wanted to let you know that I received my new purse and wallet and, as always,
they are wonderful!

Thank you!

Hi Justin,
Like your new fabrics for May 2007. I think I am on my 6th Danny K bag!
Take care,

Thanks for the great service. Can't wait to see the bag and more importantly, order one for
Have a good day,

I am looking forward to the new handbag. I bought this style in the lighthouse pattern at
the Stanford Hospital gift shop 2 years ago, and it is the perfect bag and the only one I
have been using since I bought it. I have not lost my sunglasses or cell phone since I
started using this, because of the side pockets, and I put my car keys in the front zip
pocket, so I always know where they are. I've also gotten many compliments on the
lighthouse design. I went to Bloomingdales yesterday to look for a replacement handbag,
and everything is so ugly with all the big buckles and chains, or gaudy colors.

I was so happy when I found your web site yesterday. And I did not know I could wash
the bag, so I will try that. Really, this is the only handbag I will ever buy again.


Are your products sold in Kansas? I have one of your handbags...and a tote that
matches... I've had more compliments on my purse and the tote is absolutely the best as a
carry-on when traveling. As much as they are used, they both have worn beautifully.

I want to buy another handbag but have not seen anything like yours in this area. If you
do not sell in this area, I will be buying from your site.

Thank you,

Dear Justin,
Thank you and thank Danny for me for making great bags in fabulous fabrics with
reasonable prices. I was showing the list to my fiance last night and he couldn't believe
the prices. I just wish you were local so when I wanted to get something, I could have it
that day... Oh well, when you ship, you ship quick so that's almost as good. Have a great



Yesterday, I purchased two of your Zipper Purses (smaller) with two matching coin
purses in Galveston, TX. The 10" x 7" x 2.5" is the perfect size for me. My favorite feature,
other than the size, is the thin shoulder strap that is adjustable from the inside with the
push-button knob. I travel frequently, so the longer strap is great when I want to put it
over my head and across my chest to keep my hands free for my other luggage. When not
traveling, I can make the strap shorter to hang over my shoulder so that it rides on my hip
and waist, rather than bouncing around on my bottom.

Looking over your website, I did not see this particular adjustable strap feature on the
smaller zipper purse. Is it still available if I order my handbags directly from you? I prefer
the thin strap over the wide strap, and I don't like the buckles on the wide strap because
they catch on things.

Please say "Yes!" and you'll have a devoted customer who will buy one in almost
every fabric!

I'm looking forward to hearing from you,

Baytown, Texas

My Maggie bag is beautiful and well balanced.
I will be a customer again!
Happy me...and happy day to you.

Just wanted to let you know I got my Hampton bag in the Red Dog fabric I ordered
Monday. GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!! I had requested that the Border Collie be placed front and
center and it looks perfect.


I received my tote bag - it's beautiful!

Thank you,

The bag arrived and it is beautiful! Your craftsmanship is really great! Thank you!


You guys are the best!!! The bag arrived yesterday and I couldn't wait
to use it today. Great fabrics, great craftsmanship and great service!

I couldn't be happier.




I just received the large Santa handbag that I ordered from you...
I am just writing to thank you for such prompt service and to tell you that I love it!!
I just checked out your website and all the fabrics that you have and I'm sure that I'll be ordering
more in the future. My husband also says that he will be ordering for me as gifts.
Thank you so much,

It arrived today! Its perfect and my wife will love it. The kids can't wait to wrap it.
Thanks so much!

Just a note - I love your bags. I now have three and would not
hesitate to recommend them to anyone. They are exceptionally well made.
Thanks for paying attention to quality. That is rare today.

Thank you for your outstanding service. Love the purse.
~Janice ~

It was nice seeing you all again...I bought lots of bags and am loving all my items...
I can't wait to give the ones I purchased for Christmas gifts! It is amazing how many
compliments I receive on all of my various bags!

Dear Justin,
I just wanted to let you know that I got my purse and the palm tree purse set for my friend today.
They are PERFECT! I am going to have to get another one for myself for the Spring and
Summer. Thank you again for your wonderful customer service and an EXCELLENT product!

Hi Danny,
I was given a backpack as a gift and have worn it ever since.
It is extremely comfortable and has wonderful compartments.
...I will be ordering another one for winter as soon as
I can choose a pattern.

I bought one of your purses for my sister and everyone just loved it. She said she was
going to order one on your website (I think so when the one I gave her 'wore out', she'd
have a spare in that material!).

I received the wallet I ordered today - love it! I had bought one of the same design about ten
years ago and the fabric has wear marks from so much use (everything else held up very well). I
am glad that you still make the same style as I think it is perfect design, well thought out
and sturdy. Thanks for a great product.

I have three of your purses and just love them, tell all my friends about how well they
last. Thank you for making such good quality things and for making them in America!

I bought 2 of your bags (the Hampton Purse)...last December. I use one for everyday and save
the other for going out. I've been using my everyday purse everyday since December and it still
looks lovely, showing very little wear, and the various pockets are perfect for my stuff. Even
though my current purses look great, I want to order several more to put away. I've learned my
lesson from the past when I would love a particular purse, go to replace it when it got old, and not
be able to find it. I'm really purse picky, so I can go years just making due, until I find another
purse that's perfect.
...I'm also sending your web site link to one of the ladies I work with; she fell in love with my
everyday purse and wants one just like it. Thank you.

I just received my new tote-bags. I couldn't be happier. Not only did they arrive very quickly, but
the quality is exceptional!

I will definitely spread the word.


Love your handbags!!


Hello Justin,

I'm writing to let you know I got the Maggie bag yesterday and it is beautiful!

Thank you again for making such wonderful purses and having great customer service! I
especially love the Maggie bag, it's the perfect size for me. The large zipper purse was just a tad
too small for all my assorted girl stuff.


In March, I purchased two Danny K. products (Classic Backpack and matching Wallet in
the Fern/Mocha pattern/color)... I used them this summer while traveling in Washington
(the state), Alaska, and Hawaii. Wherever I went, numerous strangers offered many
compliments and most of them inquired as to where I bought the backpack. Two
instances stand out in my mind.

At the Sunday Market in Anchorage, I walked into the booth of a woman who makes
bead jewelry. She fell in love with the backpack and indicated she would love to get
one. Then she said, "If I give you a zipper pull, will you wear it? I have just the one to go
with your bag."

In Hawaii, I was shopping in a small specialty clothing store in Wahiawa. The owner
also admired the backpack. She loved both the fabric and the bag itself. When I told her
about your merchandise, she was very interested in ordering some of your products to sell
in her store.

I have enjoyed using the backpack and wallet, not only because I love the design and
fabric. The backpack is a good size, is light in weight, and has a good number of
zippered pockets. I feel secure using it because I believe it would be extremely difficult
for a pickpocket to open it. I prefer it to a purse because I like to have my hands free.


I've been a customer for years...Your quality is always fantastic.

Justin, it was on my porch. Thank you very much! I just love it. I leave for Rome on Monday and
this will be perfect!


Good morning!!
I ran across your products about six years ago when I was stranded in the
airport in Chicago during some thunderstorms. I purchased an organizer
style bag and transferred over to it immediately. I could not help but to see
its functionality was amazing. I went back and purchased a second matching
bag for my mother within the hour.

We have both carried these bags switching out only briefly for the past six
years and was thrilled to find your web-site yesterday.

Please send me a price list, catalog, and ordering options. I look forward to
ordering a new bag to two or three very soon.

Have a great day!!


Do you sell single items by mail? I have used my Danny K. purse daily
for the last 4 or 5 years and although it still looks good and is
serviceable I would like to add another to my wardrobe. Thanks, Marian

Dear Justin:

Your e-mail has MADE MY DAY!!! I am psyched to know that you still carry the "beach" fabric.
Thank you so much for your prompt response. I am going to go home tonight and look at the
catalog that I have at home which is a couple of years old and make up my order list. Thank you
for providing me with the 800 number to call. Perfect timing to begin my Christmas shopping.

Thanks again. I have to tell you that in addition to the Danny K bags I have purchased for myself,
I have also purchased bags for my sister who lives in upstate New York. She always tells me that
people compliment her bags when she uses them and want to know where she got them. You
have two fans among my sister and I. I am going to give my sister your web site so she can
check out the new bags you are featuring.


Justin, Just want to let you know, I was on vacation when my package arrived and so I just got
my backpack today. I love it !!!! It is even cuter than I thought that it would be. The purse is
going to my mom this week for her birthday and I know she is going to love it too . I am so glad
that I had the guts to ask the customer I had, where she had gotten her back pack. Thanks
again ...... Valerie

Hello! I bought a Danny K tote bag about four years ago and it is the best bag I have ever owned!
I have forgotten the cleaning advice I was given at the time that I bought it and I would appreciate
it if you could give me any helpful info. It has held up amazingly well considering that I am the
mother of two preschoolers and it lugs everything but the kitchen sink around almost daily! I want
to keep it looking this beautiful for as long as I can. Thank you,

Hey Justin,

I received the bag that I ordered from you guys and I am so pleased! Thank you for your quality
I will spread the word! I know that carrying your product around will be good advertisement for


Hi Justin, one can touch your purses. Guess by now you have figured out that I love
my purses. I have two but have bought several for other people as gifts. I am a
walking advertisement for your company.
Thank you so much for your promptness in replying to me.

I just purchased a bag this past Saturday...I lost the business card, but was thrilled to be
able to locate you online. I LOVE the bag I bought and would like to purchase more. I
work at a school, and a teacher there also expressed an interest...I'm loving my new bag.
It's just the right size with just the right compartments - and so pretty.


I have used my bag daily since the day I bought it. It still looks great and I still get
many compliments on it. Since I'm not one to change purses, I'm thinking my bag
may be a contender for the longest continuous use award, and can attest to the
practicality and sturdiness of your design, materials, and construction!!
Need I say, I LOVE my organizer bag!!!

I love your purses-I have 4 now, 3 Hampton and 1 small zipper. I happened to stumble
into a small shop in Mendocino (actually ran in to get out of the downpour of rain!) this
past weekend; they carried your purses-of course I had to buy a new one. I don't live in
Mendocino, so driving there just to buy a new purse is a great idea but not very practical!
Is there anyone in the Sacramento area that carries your purses?

Thanks so much!

Hi there, I have been on a quest to replace my mother’s “Danny K – Panda Print, organizer
purse” (it is a tri-fold and holds almost everything). She has used hers for years and it is
nearly worn out. She LOVES it! How can I get her another? Thanks. Pax, Sister Karen

Hi there, please, please tell Danny that we got the Panda purse on time for my mom. He did
a great job! She LOVES it!!! THANKS guys! Pax, Sister Karen

I purchased 2 Gaithersburg, MD recently. The medium tote bag is
just wonderful. It is very durable and gorgeous, too. The small bag is terrific,
too. Your bags are very well made. I want to get a medium tote for my sister,
so I'll be calling soon to order one for her.

Thank you very much for such fine products.


The quality of your items is excellent and I make sure all that comment on my purse
know who I got it from!

Thank you,

Garry just gave me the tote bag and I absolutely love it. I love the jewel tone colors of
red and gold. I still have my backpack and I love bragging saying its from Justin and
Danny K of Beverly Hills. Have a wonderful and prosperious holiday season.


I see you are close by, Thank God. I live in Van Nuys, and have
several of your purses.

I want another Medium Tote in Provence. I just love your bags, and
people stop me all the time and ask about them.

Please let me know if it is possible to pick up a bag, if you have it in
stock. Directions there, and what time.

Again, let me express just how beautiful your bags are. Especially the
medium tote, my personal favorite.



Hello Justin,

I have spent hundreds of dollars on handbags. I really enjoy handbags and I have been
known to spend (what my husband says is) ridiculous amounts on them. I don’t mind
spending money on handbags, but when I spend $200 on one, I get really angry when
they start to show wear after one season. Now, I know you can certainly spend much
more on a handbag, but for me, $200 is a LOT O’ MONEY!!!!!

After continuing to spend hundreds on bags, only to watch the dye on the leather rub off
on my hands, or the zippers break, or for them to just show other signs of wear after only
one season...I picked up the Large Zipper Purse.

I cannot tell you how satisfied I have been with this bag. I have had it for less than a year,
but can already tell that is wearing better than many of the $100 to $200 bags that I have
bought over the years…I have noticed several Danny K’s walking around in shopping
malls, restaurants...Every time I see one, I ask the lady, “Is that a Danny K?” Without
exception, her face lights up and she says “Yes....”’ And then she goes off about how
she’s had it for years and loves it. I even asked one lady, only to have her husband cut
off her accolades to tell me how beautiful and sturdy they are!

You have absolutely made a believer out of me and I will never waste my money with
another designer. They are all so gorgeous; they can easily go from daytime to evening,
from casual to formal without missing a beat. I can’t wait another one. Not
because I’ll need to or have to, but because I want to collect a wardrobe of Danny K
Handbags. One for every season.

Thank you, Danny K.


Thanks so much for your excellent customer service...and I hope you
consider that a compliment coming from an 11-year Disneyland employee
and a 15-year United Airlines employee!! I know excellent customer
service when I see it.


Received my wallet (steamer pattern). I really like the way it came out with the placement of the
ship on the front.


My friend and I both bought your bags and after getting home and inspecting
them, we are thrilled with the quality workmanship. Thank you for that!

Hi Justin,
I got my wallet & cell phone case...they are beautiful. I have gotten compliments from
a few people already. LOVE MY BAGS!!

Wherever I go all over the country people ask me about your bags. I
just open it and show them your label and tell them to look you up on
the Internet. You were very popular in Tennessee and the Carolinas as
women there appreciate the tapestry bag look.

Hi Justin!

Just a note to let you know that I was impressed with the purse and I love
it! It's beautiful, and the best part about it is no one has one like it!



Dear Justin. Thanks so much.......Everyone on my list is getting your stuff for
Christmas. I did it 4 years ago and they are all ready for new stuff.

Good morning Justin and Danny!
Sorry I missed you gentlemen when I stopped by last Friday to pick up
the tote bag. It is beautiful! I ordered it in the purple geo print --
and once again, you two helped me have just the right gift -- at the
right moment!
(How DO you manage to do that?)
I still had the tote bag in my car when I went to my hairdresser the
next day. She takes extra effort with my hair and I like to bring her
gifts from time to time to show my appreciation. As she did my hair, I
realized her birthday was NEXT MONTH and I had no gift! Then I
remembered the beautiful bag in my car.
I told her "When we're done, I have a little something for you."
She LOVED it! I was trying to show her the other fabric options from
your latest catalog, in case there was a print she preferred, but she
insisted the purple geo was in her words 'PERFECT!"
She's taking a cruise to celebrate her birthday and had been looking
for just such a bag -- but hadn't found anything satisfactory.
Thanks again, you two, for beautifully made products that bring
happiness to others!

Now -- another order from Ms. Willa...


Thanks for your prompt reply! Didn't expect one today - a holiday - but small businesses are
ALWAYS working!

LOVE the Danny K. bags - just bought one in a small, charming shop in Lost River, West Virginia
- a little village in the middle of nowhere - and it had Danny K. bags!

I look forward to more of your great products.


New purse line is the best yet. Like the clasp fastener and less Velcro. The extra little zipper
pocket on the inside is good. I think you have a winner now!!

Hi I purchased some bags from you a year ago. I LOVE them. I would like to plave
another order. I was wondering if you have any of the pig fabric left?

I will be going out on a pig emergency (I do potbellied pig rescue, hence the pig fabric)
shortly. Then I leave round 6pm for a three day business trip. I would LOVE to get these
ordered before I leave today. I might even want to order more, have a call in to a friend
who might want some.

Thank you SOOO much. Like I said I LOVE your bags. I use them daily!

I have just washed two of my large backpacks and two wallets for the
second time [soft water and Ivory soap], and they still look like new. Great

I just purchased a new larger backpack, and I just got it in the mail today. I am very pleased with
it, thanks!! My smaller backpack is in great condition, but the fabric could use a bath. Is it
washable, and if so, how do I wash it??

Thanks again for great stuff~I get complements everywhere I go and now I am happy to refer
folks to your web site.

Love, Angela

I bought your organizer in Oro today...Your salesman was very polite and
helpful. Your products are wonderful. Do you have a permanent showroom?


Danny K,

I received my handbag and it is perfect. I like the way it is made
even better than the way my last one from you was made.
I'll contact you again when I need another one.

Thank You,


I can't say enough good things about the Danny K products. I have the purses and wallets and
they are very attractive and durable. I am hard on purses, so I would know. :) I have been
buying the products for about 3 years...




Hi Justin,

I received the tote from Lester ( Sherly's brother) today - It is beautiful and thank you for
the gracious customer service!


Please tell Danny K that I absolutely love the classic backpack
bag he made in "Northern Exposure" I already have Ladies
here in Colorado asking where I purchased this bag. Do you
have business cards that I can pass out to the Ladies...It’s a
big thing out here with wild life moose's, bears and elk.
Anyway, I greatly appreciate his fine work. Please let him
know. It was a pleasure to talk with him last Friday.
Sincerely, Susan

Dear Justin,
A little slice of Italy arrived in my classroom on Friday
afternoon. Perfect timing.
So while the kids were back in 1774 learning about the Intolerable
Acts, I was floating down the Grand Canal in Venice. Thanks for the
nice side trip. The bag is gorgeous. Love it. Thanks so much.

My unsolicited endorsement:

I was just looking through your website to order another small backpack. I have
been carrying the small backpack (Pansies) for over two years now and cannot
return to a conventional purse. It is perfect for everything and holds 3 times as
much as what you'd expect. Even after daily use and repeated washings, it is
only now starting to show a little wear - an incredibly durable bag.

Thank you, thank you.

Satisfied customer in Colorado.